Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 298 - Mar 25, 2009

Breezy took Kevin to the hospital for his therapies today and I got to sleep until 3:00 this afternoon! I did get up with him this morning and gave him all of his meds and his shower and then they left and I crawled back into bed. How nice it was!

And from what I am told Kev had an awesome day with all of his therapies! Matter of fact - here is a pic of Kevin on his skateboard. Breezy told me he was so excited to be back on it and was even trying to do tricks!

I guess the kids went to visit Joel today too and the boys were singing Soulja Boy and rapping to the beat. I am so sad I missed it!

And before I forget - a couple of people asked if Kevin's shunt is working fine and it is. That is definitely not the issue. We do have an eye appt now on Tuesday and we are still working on ENT. I just have a funny feeling it's his ears.

And I just came across a pic that I never put up and that was from back in Feb when Kevin was in ICU. This is with my brother, Matt. You can tell Kevin had just had surgery because the oxygen tube is in his nose.

And now I need to get the kitchen cleaned up. I cooked a nice dinner tonight and left the dishes to watch a movie with Kevin. Time has run out for me and I need to get them done.


Holee said...

Wow, it looks like Kevin's arm is doing better since the shot. I hope they can get his hand opened too!

Kris said...

WHAT A GREAT PIC on the skateboard!!! That in and of itself was probably the best therapy for Kev! Awesome. Looking at the pic from February, you can see that there have been millions of miles traveled on Kevin's journey to recovery. What a great smile you have Kevin - it's infectious - it can make people smile 1000s of miles away!!

How are you feeling Leslie?

You guys continue to inspire me and so many others each and every day. God bless you Leslie, Kevin and Breezy. Thoughts, prayers, support and loads of extra special angel hugs come your way constantly.

BTW, how is Alan doing? Be sure to send lots of hugs to him from us!

- Kris, Soldiers' Angel from RI

Long-time RN said...

I noticed the same thing as Holee.
Has the Botox relaxed Kevin's muscles a bit or is the therapist holding his arm in place.

What a great skateboard photo!

Sounds like your up and about a bit more. Hope you're feeling better.


Jessica said...

He's come a long way and was obviously thrilled to be on a skateboard! I love that huge smile of his; hope it means that his depression is a little better.

Hope you're feeling better, too! You're all in my thoughts and prayers.