Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 280 - Mar 7, 2009

Today was a pretty good day. We did take a nice long ride to a pool store and Kevin just fell in love with one of the models that was installed. It was funny because it's actually the exact style pool that I was hoping for. Something that looks like a pond with lots of foliage (esp palm trees) and a waterfall. Assuming it's in our budget, and we'll know about that tomorrow, it will have a wheelchair ramp that will end next to a seating area that Kevin can transfer to and then just swim off. I chose not to get a hot tub because Kevin can't handle the hot water, but we will have jets in the pool around the one seating area for massage purposes. It will also have a table so he can sit in the water at the table and have a drink or even eat dinner.

I also have to get some kind of retractable awnings that can cover the bulk of the pool area because Kevin can't be in the sun for years. I can't imagine what that is going to cost, but hopefully it's affordable. If not, Kevin will just have to swim mostly at night for a while.

Anyway, Kev was really excited while there. And here are a couple of pics to show it. One is the pool that we both loved. Obviously ours would be different as we aren't having the hot tub installed:

After that, we had dinner and stopped at Wal-mart again. We keep finding things we don't have that we need to use at my mom & dad's place. I hate having to buy it all when it's already all in storage, but it will be a while before it gets here so I have no choice.

So all in all, we had a really good day today. Here's hoping for another tomorrow...


Holee said...

Most pools in Fl. are screened in and covered..keeps the water from being boiling hot and keeps alligaters out of the pool. That's not a joke. Alligaters travel over pools are inviting them.

All the foliage looks good, but remember, the more foliage the more bugs and other creatures you'll draw like lizards,frogs and snakes. Without a pool being screened in, the summer brings love bugs that will eat you up. Take a look around and you'll see most home pools are not open like they are in the north and foliage is outside the screening.

Anonymous said...

Kevin - you look GREAT!!!! Your smile makes the whole world smile.

Leslie - You sound LOTS better.

God bless both of you.

Always in my thoughts and prayers.

Long-time RN said...

Kevin looks to be in much better spirits! Good for him! And good for you, Leslie, in the loving ways you tackle and work through issues as they arise.

The pool looks wonderful. Holee has some good points. Lots of bugs and crawly things in Fla.

Keep up the great work in therapy Kevin. Your smile is a ray of sunshine, and up here in the Midwest, we appreciate every bit of sunshine!

Jodi said...

Hi Gang!

Love the the smile!
Glad Kev is feeling better and happier!

Les, for a retractable awning, check out SunSetter Awnings. Here is their link -

Hope you have another great day today!!!

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength and comfort for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Jessica said...

That pool is gorgeous! It would be great to help Kevin with his rehab. It's good to see Kevin goofing off and having a good time!

I'm thinking of you all and praying for Kevin's continued progress and positive attitude. Also praying that the signing on the house goes without a hitch!