Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 286 - Mar 13, 2009

We really had an awesome day again today. Kevin really rocked his therapies. I so wish my video camera had been with me because he was standing up and dancing and singing the whole way through PT. It was actually quite hilarious.

After the 'therapies' part of the day was over we broke out and came to the apartment. We really love it here and I think my parents are going to be super happy living in this complex. I can't wait though for us to get the house because he can't go anywhere here by himself as it's carpeted and just too small for him to get around. Once we are in the house he can go everywhere as it is all tile and it's a very large house (for lots of company) so he will be able to really spin around the whole place.

And tonight I ran out to take the garbage to the compactor and I called my parents real fast to have them call Kevin and talk to him while I was out of the house. It takes me at most 2 minutes to do it, but figured I would have them talk to him in case there was a problem. I also wanted him to be excited to get a call. Let me tell you - his eyes were just glowing when I walked back into the house and he was on the phone. I said "What are you doing on the phone? I've only been gone two minutes - who on earth are you talking to?". He handed me the phone so I could see who it was and then he asked for it back so he could finish his conversation, lol. It was such a joy to see him acting like that! I figured he would be ecstatic, but I didn't want him to know that I was keeping tabs on him like that, kwim?

And now I am heading to bed - at least I want to. I am starting to get a cough and I feel so tired so I want to try to fall asleep earlier than normal tonight. Hope it works...


Janna said...

You are truly finding that joy in unexpected places...and I will continue to ask Him that prayers be answered so wonderfully : ) God bless and keep you all and watch over Breezy as she makes important life decisions.

bigD said...

Dear Leslie, Breezy, & Kevin,
Just wanted you to know that I am still reading to see how you all are doing. I don't often comment because I have been busy still taking care of my son (things not going well lately, but, I know you know what that is like)

It is such a great spirit lift for me to read about Kevin's progress and hear about all the new things he is accomplishing. I particularly loved the ipod story. I am a big music person and I can just imagine Kevin's joy at being able to control something on his own and listen to some music that he really enjoys as well. It really is the little things that make us happy sometimes. Reading your post tonight as you describe the simple joy that Kevin takes in talking on the phone, well, it just makes me smile. I agree that Kevin will most likely love it when he starts getting some calls and visits from his old buddies. Hopefully, you can find some who will stick by Kevin and really be there for him. I think sometimes they are unsure of what to say, what to do, how to react, and therefore they stay away. At least, that is what I am finding with Nick, I know his friends are there for him, but, they don't come around as much as I wish they would. Take care Leslie.

Holee said...

Is Kevin talking now? You haven't said much about speech, but if he can answer a phone, he must have some speech back?

Long-time RN said...

Now that's a creative and resourceful way of keeping Kevin busy for a few minutes! So great to read he's rockin' in therapy. Sure hope loyal friends will call and put a sparkle in Kevin's eye.
Thoughts and prayers.

Retta said...

You are such an inspiration. I'm so proud you've come soooo far, and so honored to 'know' such an awesome Mom and sister. Your therapy's are growing by leaps n wonderful! Kevin, you'll be 'dancin' around the house soon! I can hardly wait for your post from your beautiful home.
Thank you for sharing your daily ups n downs as you make my days so much easier to deal with. God bless you have such strength. I'm so proud of you, Kevin, and Leslie and Breezy, you are the backbone of faith and conviction. Your tenacity and love have brought you and your son so far.
I sure look forward to tomorrow's post, as everyone are full of surprises.
Much love, many prayers and a ton of pride;

Anonymous said...

Leslie, You are such a great Mom. I love ya, Pam

Jessica said...

Yay for another good day! I love the story of him and the cell phone call from his grandparents. What a great way to help him feel independent and connected.

I hope your cough goes away soon, there's a lot of nasty stuff going around. Take care and I'll keep praying for you all!