Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 284 - Mar 11, 2009

I believe we have a monster on our hands, lol. When we went to Wal-mart last weekend, Kevin was going nuts in the aisle trying to tell me something. I couldn't figure out what it was he wanted so I told him to just go and get it himself and that I would follow. We walked all around the store until he finally found what he wanted - an IPod. So tonight I finally got iTunes loaded and synched the thing with the music he already had downloaded in a file that it took me a long time to find and that kid is in his bedroom still just jamming away. He is in heaven. Up until I made him go to bed, he has had me get up from my chair and read the screen to see what song was playing each time it changed. He is just so excited.

Tonight we are actually staying at the apartment. I am planning to get Kevin to stay there on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat nights each week in an effort to get him accustomed to being away from the hospital more than he is there. I don't really see a problem for the most part, but time will tell.

And today I spent the day at a spa. A new medical spa opened in the area and offered the moms/wives a free day there. HEAVEN. I had a facial, massage, had my eyebrows threaded, a makeover and some skin work done. I can't imagine what this day had to cost, but I sure hope they offer again, lol.

But now I need to take a hot bath so that I am not sore tomorrow. I am already starting to feel it so off I go...

PS - notice the address change for Breezy and I. We have to use my parents place until we close on the house.


Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie-
I received a written response via the postal system today from my Senator. She sent me some paperwork that needs to be signed before she can act on Kevin's behalf(due to the privacy act). I will forward it to Kevin and you (via your new address). I know the housing issue is not the main concern anymore but hopefully she can help with other issues or concerns.
I am glad that Kevin got the IPOD. I am sure he will spend hours listening to music.
Have a wonderful evening.
Army Mom

Vicki C said...

lol.. I LOVE that Kevin loves music so much! ME TOO!
Glad you got a day at the spa! YOU DESERVE THAT EVERY DAY!

Alison said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Music can only be a good thing for Kevin. Stimulate that brain! Glad to read about him being super excited about the iPod and the tunes.

And I am so glad to read that you got a free day at the spa. You deserve it. A big 'thank you' to the spa people!!!

Hope staying at the apartment continues to go well and it helps Kevin adapt.

Long-time RN said...

Jamming out with an Ipod is soooo normal! How wonderful reading that Kevin is having a blast with the new gadget.

Yeah on the spa day! Kudos to the spa for such thoughtfulness.

Hope Kevin adapts well to nights outside the hospital and all goes smoothly.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you and Kevin had a wonderful day! I hope they offer the spa day again! It's so good that Kevin is able to show you what he wants. I'm sure he is so happy to listen to his music!
Have a great day!
Kathy in IA

Joan said...

Dear Leslie,

It's been ages ... I am SO sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth since I last spoke to you. I am going to write a long letter and explain ... briefly, it's been one crisis after another in our family.
Just know that I am still thinking of you and Kevin, and want to reconnect. I am amazed how far you have come along since I last was able to read your blog, WOW! Kudos to all of you and huge congrats for all the progress, simply fantastic!
Hope you'll forgive me for being away so long, sh** just happened, and too much of it for me to deal with all at once.

My best to all of you,

Kris said...

Ah yes, music does soothe the soul!! And it's therapeutic too - awesome. To hear that Kev is happy makes a whole-lotta us out here very happy too!

You deserve a spa visit once/day Leslie! So glad that you got to do that - to say you needed a day like that is an ENORMOUS understatement. YAY for Leslie!

Hope that today is even better than yesterday. Thanks for the new address, keep your eyes on that mailbox! :-)

God bless you Leslie, Kevin & Breezy. Thoughts, prayers and loads and loads of extra special angel hugs will be on their way to you today and every single day.

- Kris, Soldiers' Angel from RI

Miss Em said...

It's Kevin the 'Shopping Monster' who loves to veg-out while listening to his NEW Ipod. {{lol}}
Remember that if he is learning the words to music than that just a few steps ahead of the curve.

It's good to hear that you are starting an 'away-night' schedule so Kevin can get use to a new enviroment with out the smells and sounds that have been around him for the last 284 days. Don't be surprise that after a few times that he may start to get panic attacks so be prepared to deal with that type of delayed action.

Glad to hear that you got pampered and primped by experts. That 'hot soak' should help with muscles that haven't had that 'loving' touch in a long time.

Sleep well and hope the 'Shopping Monster' gets to head-out to the stores soon again.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.