Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 279 - Mar 6, 2008

Today was a pretty good day. Kevin did his therapies well and then we loaded into the van and headed to my parent's apartment. We only were there a few minutes when Kevin decided he wanted to go to Wal-mart. So, we loaded back up and went shopping. I did break down and buy a Garmin GPS system and Kevin bought the movie "Rambo" and we got some towels and washcloths for the apt/house.

Then we headed back and had dinner and Kevin watched his movie. Now he's in bed and I am thinking about scrapping, but probably won't move from the couch, lol.

So I really am happy with the switch of our psychologist. Pablo, the therapist, has come two days in a row and spent time with both Kev and I separately. He is very easy to talk to and I think Kevin 'connects' with him. I am excited to see if it makes a difference. I know it won't be immediate, but I just hope he can help Kevin deal with all of his issues.

And I am so happy to say that Kevin has adjusted very well to not having sitters any longer. I am told he is always appropriate when calling for the nurse, which is great.

The only thing we really need to worry about is his independence. Both yesterday and today I unstrapped his chair in the van and as I was walking around, he had already turned his chair and was flying down the ramp. He hit the side both times and almost tipped it off the ramp. I wish I could say it scared him into not doing it again, but he just laughed. This is the Kevin of old - never caring about the consequences, lol. For those of you that know him personally and commented a long time ago about him racing his wheelchair around East Brady, I would hazard a guess that you are right. Today one of the nursing staff made a comment about him jumping out of planes in the future and I had to close my ears and start humming because I just can't think about him doing anything dangerous yet.

Baby steps, right? Baby steps...


Anonymous said...

I am so glad for each good day you have Leslie - AND Kevin!!!
I'm sure you also had to "close your ears and hum" many a time in the previous reality and it probably is in Kevin's best interest to do so again, at least some of the time!!!
Boys will be boys...thank God!

Miss Em said...

I am so glad that Kevin is finially climbing out of the dumps. Be advised that from time to time he may sink back into the dumps from something that he sees, hears or feels. Your therapist, Pablo, will be of great help so keep his number handy.

If you can't slow him down then you need to keep up so you had better seriously consider a set of roller skates because Kevin is going to be Kevin and "fly-low" as much as possible. {{{LOL}}}

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Jessica said...

I'm glad the therapist is working out and that Kevin's mood is better. It's good that he wanted to go to Wal-mart and be out in public. About him racing his wheelchair around, maybe you could threaten him with a helmet and elbow and knee pads? Pink ones. LOL!

I'm thinking of you all and praying for you. Praise God for the progress Kevin has been making lately!