Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 283 - Mar 10, 2009

Nothing much happened today. I did talk to the pool guy though and I have decided to not have a ramp going down into the pool. After talking with the specially adapted housing guy, we discussed how easy it is to go down the ramp, but how hard it is to come back up it. After thinking about it all evening, I agree. I think a lift would be much better. It would slowly lower him into the pool and then lift him back out when he's done swimming. It would give him much more freedom and independence than someone having to help him out of the pool every time he went in. Granted, he won't ever be alone in it, but still...

I did find out too, that we won't be closing on the house for at least three weeks now. I had just talked to the docs today about releasing Kevin in a month thinking we were closing next week, but it will be roughly 6-8 weeks now instead. I want him to come to the house on the weekends and a couple of days through the week before fully having him discharge from the hospital. I don't want him just thrown into a new situation as it can be traumatic for someone like him.

So that's about it for today. Kevin was in a pretty good mood most of the day. I had a dentist appt and Breezy stayed with him while I went. I also picked a friend up at the airport and took her to her parents' home as they live here near the hospital. They didn't know she was coming and it was so fun to see their faces! Such nice people, too.

And now I am signing off. Kevin actually took a sleeping aid tonight - something we haven't done in many months (but he was just so restless) and he is finally snoring so I want to go down and pack some more stuff.


Jessica said...

Good thinking about the pool lift being easier to use than a ramp. I wouldn't have thought of that one and I can't imagine how many things like that you have to consider.

I'm glad Kevin had another good day and hope he gets a good night's sleep. Sleeping in a hospital sucks!

I'll be praying for Kevin's continued improvement and good health so that he can be released soon. I'm thinking of you and Breezy and praying for you as well. Moving is always stressful, no matter what the circumstances! Take care.

Alison said...

Thoughts and prayers that the closing on the house goes smoothly and that everything continues to move along at a steady pace.

The pool at the gym I go to has a lift (sort of a sling/sit in style) and that would definitely be a lot easier than a ramp, plus take up less space. I would definitely look into getting someone to clean the pool for you - they can get manky pretty quickly and hard to get back to pristine, especially if it's hot out. Maybe the pool installers can recommend a company or something? Just a thought...

Hope everyone has a good night's rest!

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