Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 1241 - Oct 23, 2011

Kevin went to the dentist on Friday and it turns out he needs his wisdom teeth cut out. We are thinking that might be why his left ear still aches because there is no ear infection present at all. The dentist mentioned that they are going to try to get it done before the year ends and I sure hope so! That's too long to be in pain. I hope to hear from the oral surgeon this week - wish us luck on this!

We got Boo'ed on Friday too! An anonymous someone left a plastic pumpkin at the door filled with all kinds of candy and goodies! I guess you are supposed to do the same to two other homes in the community and eventually the whole neighborhood gets Boo'ed. Such fun, huh?

We babysat our little guy all weekend. Breezy and Chris were moving into a new apartment as they were only in a 1BR and now with Christian getting older they need a 2 bedroom. So they packed all day yesterday and moved today and are now ensconced in our guest room. The moving company moved all their big stuff today and when they got there the place had not been cleaned from the previous tenants. It was utterly FILTHY! After us being there maybe a half hour today, the baby was getting sick and I know my face/head felt full of dust and we agreed to just have them sleep up here until the apartment complex makes it right. I don't know how many years it's been since that place was cleaned well, but it was truly disgusting. Let's hope the complex gets it cleaned tomorrow.

And to end here are some pics. The first few are from back when we were in FL. It's the family:

The rest are Christian:


Kathi said...

Papertrey Ink has the cutest stamp set for "booing" neighbors..have you seen it?

Anonymous said...

Christian = cutest kid ever !!!!!!

GrannieEv said...

I hope the teeth get taken care of soon. That baby boy is getting so big.

Elizabeth Cull said...

Whatever the cause of pain may be, I hope that it gets taken care of soon. How did your visit to the oral surgeon go?