Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1234 - Oct 16, 2011

Today we had a "MAN" day. Kevin and I busted our butts doing all the 'man' stuff around the house - fixing squeaky doors, hanging curtains, organizing the garage and tons of other stuff.

I am so proud to say that I had Kev go to the garage and build the shelves that we bought a few weeks ago and he did it all by himself. (I was inside drilling holes in the wall to hang curtains.) Mind you - they were those plastic shelves that just kinda snap together, but he honestly put together both of them without any guidance whatsoever, then he moved the freezer over a bit and placed them where he wanted them. I then had him take all his fishing gear and all of our tools and organize them on the shelves. He done good! This mama is so proud!

So after working all day we got showered and took in a late movie. We went to see Footloose and I looked over at Kev at the end of the movie and he was grinning like a loon! He really loved the movie, but he did point out the differences and was very upset about the tractor/bus part (I won't say anymore as y'all might not have seen it yet).

It was really a good day. We just got so much done (I even finished another audit!) and so much organized. I even got all the mail opened and dealt with.

I will admit that it was a little rough on my rib to be drilling though, but I am seriously feeling much better and only had a few twinges of pain when putting my body into it.

Alrighty...I think I'll head to bed...

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