Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 1228 - Oct 10, 2011

We had a nice rainy weekend! It just poured all night long on Saturday and we even had a visitor that took refuge on our porch - a huge raccoon. He was awful quiet, but it was storming so badly that Kevin kept having me come into his room. The one time I looked out his door and there it was just walking past. Scared the crap outta me! Here's a pic:

This was the best shot of the bunch. Our glass door is so dusty because they are building the roads and clearing the land for the next phase of this development and all the dust just comes at the back of the house like a wall.

That's pretty much it. Breezy and family came over for dinner last night and were here most of the evening.

Oh, but I forgot to mention on Saturday that Kevin had a great time out with Efren and Ben. I did pick him up and we very nearly hit a horse on the way home! Apparently someone's horses got out of their gate and they were standing pretty much on the road at the side. It's so dark out here and the horses were dark so you really couldn't see them til you were right next to them. Yikes! Now that woulda done some damage!

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Anonymous said...

Racoons, horses... You're becoming a regular country gal! For someone who never liked animals you sure manage to be around a lot of them :) Are you in the drought stricken area of Texas? If so, I'm glad you got some substantial rainfall over the weeekend. Glad to hear things are going well. Love, Aunt Mona