Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 1223 - Oct 5, 2011

Today we had a meeting at the VA hospital to discuss Kevin's goals and treatments. Kevin has decided lately that he doesn't want to go to therapy anymore. I see his point completely, but my concern was how it would affect him long term. So I called the meeting with the docs, social workers (including our wonderful FRC) and therapists and we all discussed what is the best course of action.

Kevin did reiterate in the meeting that he doesn't want to do any of them anymore and the therapists agreed that when he comes and doesn't want to be there, he doesn't apply himself and it's a waste of time for everybody.

So Kevin has agreed to work more at home for a couple of months and we'll see how it goes. The one thing we can't have is him regressing. We have worked too hard and come too far to go backward now.

Honestly though, we work at home pretty much constantly anyway, so it won't be too much different. Just a whole lot less running.

So, after this meeting we met with a new psychologist and he talked to Kevin for about an hour and a half. I liked his demeanor and thought he was very intuitive into Kevin's way of thinking. We aren't sure if he and Kevin should meet regularly or not, I guess I need to think about whether it could make a difference or not. I think Kevin has truly adjusted to what has happened to him and for the most part I think he is still happy go lucky. He does have moments where he's sad about all of his losses, but who wouldn't? If you ask me, that's pretty normal.

So I just need to let it swirl around in my brain for a week or two and probably discuss it with Mary first and then we'll decide what's best. I'm always open to thoughts from you guys so send them along.

And Lorraine - tell Rick "Thanks". When we got up this morning the back door of the van was wide open. I am hoping to make some calls tomorrow and I now at least have a starting point.


Anonymous said...

That's great if Kevin can do the therapy at home. It would free up some time. After going so long, you guys probably know what types of moves, etc. to do.
That van is cracking me up! I know it is something you don't want to happen, but it's kind of funny when you think about it. :) Hope it keeps it's doors shut and everything else working soon!
I think a psychologist would be a great idea. Even if they met just a few times. He can always take things they talked about and apply them to something in the future if it comes up. Probably just nice to have insites and ways of thinking to possibly overcome any types of feelings he may have or have later on. Might be interesting to him too. :)
Take care,
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

Hi, Leslie and Kevin,

Kevin, what about a compromise? Ask for a home therapy program consult with therapists assessments in three months. If you maintain or improve.. you stay with the home program, but if you are losing ground you agree to resume therapy?

As to the van having a mind of its own. I just read in another soldier's blog where his van would motor start up, doors open and I think even his ramp came down. It was glitch that the folks who did the modifications had to work out. Literally some wires got crossed.

Kevin, I cannot tell you just how much I appreciate you, your Mom and family for keeping this blog. I am learning so much about faith, hope and charity.....and the VA.

Ellen in LA

aggie said...

Hope you get the van stuff figured out...creepy, funny, dangerous and annoying all at the same time....

Also, hope you can get to the girls' night out...crossing my fingers that Kevin agrees to visit with Colin!