Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 1222 - Oct 4, 2011

Today we ran some more errands and then we came home and grilled a late dinner. We were all sitting on the patio eating when the doorbell rang and it was our neighbors from across the street. They came over to tell us the van was running. This is the third or fourth time since we moved here that the thing has just turned itself on or we have come out or home to find the side door open and the ramp down. Not sure what's going on, I am guessing something electronic could be wrong with it? I'm not sure if I need to call Dodge or if it's the modification people. Anybody know anything about this kind of stuff?

Anyway, Jen and Colin (neighbors) were here for roughly 3 hours and it was a great visit! They are such nice people! And it doesn't hurt that he is a PA in the ER at surrounding hospitals, lol. He told us we could call anytime, but I sure hope we never have to.

Honestly, this neighborhood is so great. Jen and another neighbor walked around our house every day while we were gone and everyone kept an eye on the place. They also have monthly events - this Saturday is ladies night out and Colin offered to have Kevin come and hang out at his place while I visit with the other women. I am hoping Kevin will do it so that I can get to know some of the others. We shall see...


Lorraine said...

Good Morning,
Told Rick about the car problem said to call the modification people. Since it is starting,opening the door and putting down the ramp, they have wires crossed or another problem. Good luck with it. Lorraine and Rick

GrannieEv said...

The pix at the pumpkin patch are awesome and loved the one of Kevin swinging. Neighborhood sounds lovely; so happy for y'all. My Army son made it home from Iraq and now they're both state-side; yay.

Jessica said...

That's kinda freaky about the van starting by itself! Good thing you have good neighbors to let you know. Next thing you know the van will be driving itself away! Yikes!

I loved the photos of the corn maze, especially the ones you photoshopped the colors. You have a very photogenic family!

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I've been praying for you and your family and check in every day. Take care.

i. said...

When I drove a modified van, I had the opposite problem -- mine would shut off! Happened twice on the freeway! Best guess was "radio interference", either from a trucker w/an amped up cb or from Wright Patt's equipment. I was told modifications frequently do not include or sometimes remove radio shielding. Might be a place to start.