Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 1231 - Oct 13, 2011

I went with Breezy today to take Christian for his check-up and to get his flu shot. He did great! Kevin stayed home with Johnnie and they played cards and watched movies.

I am able to breathe quite a bit better today and I believe I'm on the mend. I think I might have just bruised it - at least I hope so. It doesn't really matter as there's nothing they really do for broken/fractured ribs anyway. I will pay attention though for pneumonia, Kathy. It does still hurt to cough or sneeze, but I really am breathing better today as a whole. Thanks for telling me to watch for this.

And now I am off to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are breathing better Leslie. Very good news! I hope it continues!
Glad Christian did great at the dr's too!
Have a nice weekend!
Take care,
Kathy in IA