Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 1245 - Oct 27, 2011

My goodness is it cold here! It is currently 54 degrees - YIKES! It figures too - we have an outdoor event to attend tomorrow night and it's supposed to be in the 40s. Not sure if any of us can handle it - especially Christian. I think we are taking separate cars now in case they need to leave early.

And we got some company last night! My friend, Rene, is in town! I picked her up at the airport yesterday afternoon and we came back to the house and made stromboli. We had a great visit! Here are some pics:

Somehow we missed taking one of her with Kevin, at least with my camera. Kevin actually took the pics of Rene and I so I don't know how we missed it. It's ok though - we have more photo ops over the weekend.

And this past week we really spent time getting all our pictures on the walls. I put Kevin to work too:

I did all the measuring, but had him do all the hammering. He had fun with it as we were both singing "Hammer Time (U Can't Touch This)", lol. There are still 2 more to put up but they weight about 50 lbs each and it's too hard for Kevin to hold one up with one hand so they will have to wait.

Tomorrow we have a pretty busy day. I don't think I mentioned that the store I was working at closed down? I went to pick up my paycheck one day and it was locked up by the landlord. Tomorrow the rental company is finally letting me in to get my personal things - my layouts most especially. I think my pay is a wash, but if I can just get the layouts I have in there I will feel better. Bummer, huh?

So I guess I'll sign off and head to bed. Kevin and I just finished watching Captain America and movies/tv always make me sleepy, lol.


Anonymous said...

Leslie, those are great picts. of all of you and I really like your auburn locks, but.... little Christian is a doll!
Janet (Tampa)

GrannieEv said...

Don't talk cold to us up here in the NE ... it's snowing like crazy, wind blowing - a real nor'estern in Oct and the power is prolly going out. There were flowers still blooming, my roses were beautiful! That's a bummer about your job. Kevin looks like he enjoyed banging those nails. Funny, we're talking about cold and the word verification is rheaters..... yes, there r heaters

aggie said...

Was just wondering if you ever got to get your layouts. SO glad you can get those.

Looks like you are having a great time with Rene!

karen said...

Sorry to hear about the job, that stinks! Hope you got your layouts.

We're lucky, we aren't cold here, but our costumes might melt if it rains, so ... there's that.

Happy Halloweeeeeen!