Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 305 - Apr 1, 2009

Today was a good day. We got up this morning and went to the hospital where we did all of our therapies. After that, we came back to the apartment and Chrissy and her boyfriend Josh came over for a visit. It was so nice to walk in the door and have dinner already started and I can't tell you how great the food was!

After that, we took a stroll with Kevin to the pool area and I'm sure you can guess what happened are some pics:

You can just see how excited he was to get in the pool. We all had our clothes on and we just decided to do it anyway.

In this next one, Kevin was so sure that he could just go off by himself and be fine. Ha. Notice how he sank?

And after that, he finally would hold onto a flotation device. I will be going to the store tomorrow and purchasing a life jacket or water wings. Depends on which one he will agree to use.

And if anyone is trying to get a hold of me - forget it. I stupidly had my phone in my back pocket when I went into the pool. I sure hope it works again as it is less than a year old and it is an iPhone. I love that thing because it allows me to type notes from the docs and stuff. Not to mention all the pics that I have on it. Grrr...

And now I need to answer some of the questions you guys have been asking.

Melanie - I don't know how long we will be at BAMC. We will be having a video conferenece next week sometimes so I will know more then.

Lisa in Indiana - Kevin can't really draw much at all. First because he has to use his left hand and second because of the brain damage. He has been trying to write better, but it's hard for him. Great idea though.

Gina - we did receive the newspapers the other day. Thank you so much!

Kathy Switlick - you are right. Although this has been a very horrible year for us, it has also had many priceless moments. All of the 'I love you, Moms' and the hugs and kisses and the first step and climbing stairs and swimming and all those little things that most of us take for granted are simply amazing when something like this happens to your family. It's also been a joy to watch Brianna grow up and become more responsible and to help her brother as she has. Yes, I would have preferred that she grow up due to other circumstances, but things are as they are.

And I know I used to say this - especially in the beginning - but enjoy those little things with your family members. And definitely be more patient. There are still the occasional moments when I get frustrated and snap, but I have to sit back right then and think about what we almost didn't have. I try to always think about how Kevin is feeling too and also think about how you would feel if your snapping was the last thing that you said/did to your loved one. I think we have all learned that it only takes a second for your whole life to change and I can only hope that we all appreciate what we do have even more. I believe I do appreciate it all, but admit to having my 'down' times.

BigD - I am sorry that Nick's friends don't come around much and I admit that it's the same for us. Kevin gets so excited when his phone rings, but it never really does. The only person that really calls him is my sister, Kim, and it just makes his day. I do wish that his old friends had time to talk to him, but I guess I can understand that life goes on and people are busy. It's just so sad though, isnt' it?

And last - if I haven't answered anybody's questions - it's entirely possible that it got deleted or missed in my pile of email. Please don't hesitate to ask again.


Anonymous said...

I've heard it said that if a phone gets wet you are suppose to put it under the refrigerator. I'm assuming it has to do with all the warm air generated, you might give that a try

Anonymous said...

Put your phone in a bag of rice for a couple days, it will pull all the moisture out. Worked on my phone when it laid in the rain for an entire night.

Anonymous said...

They say first thing is take out the battery. That might help dry it out.

Miss Em said...

DAfter trying some of the mentioned cures and nothing works then take it to one of the dealers in the area because its still be under warranty being less than '1-yr.' old.
They should replace the phone especially after you tell them that you had to go into the pool to aid your son while he was sinking to the bottom because some of his wounds have a tendency to make it difficult to float lite alone swim.
The tech should be able to pull everything out of the memory chip and transfer it to the new phone.

Be careful about the water wings. I have heard that some of them don't work well. Talk to his water theropist and find out which one he would recommend.

Liz Lorber (Soldiers' Angel in Atlanta) said...

The rice trick works, but take the battery out and bury it in the rice (not the entire phone). Good luck and it's GREAT to see those wonderful photos of Kevin. How far he's come!

Anonymous said...


Great photos of Kevin "swimming".
Fun! Yeah, a life jacket would be in order. Hopefully if you get a pool, there will be a gate around it California pools.

I have questions that you have tried to answer, but I guess I just get too analytical sometimes (I've been told that). My questions concern how Kevin talks to you - how he tells you things in words.

For example, recently you said that Kevin told you he wanted to go back to the hospital. What did he actually say?

If Kevin's friends do not come by much anymore, it could be that they feel so sad for him (NOT an excuse, of course). It also might be because they don't know how to talk to him if he can't form words. I think that women are more willing to just sit and visit without a lot of words but that is just my warped oppinion of guys vs women, perhaps. Being a man, Kevin probably has more man friends, so, therefor a few less visits. I told you I analyze too much!

All this being said, once again, I am impressed with your honesty and your ability to put those honest and sometimes painful thoughts on paper for the likes of us.

You are an exceptional woman and I respect you enormously.

Cathy Morse

Vicki C said...

Cool photos Les! That started my day with a smile!

Jessica said...

What great pics of you and Kevin in the pool! Too bad about your cell, though, hope you can salvage it.

It's sad that Kevin doesn't get more calls from his friends, but it sounds typical of people in his age group. They are so busy and less likely than older people to take the time and effort for someone in Kevin's situation. At least this is true in my own experience being ill most of my teens and twenties. I've made new friends though, mostly my mom's age! It's tough to lose your old life and I really empathize with Kevin.

I'm praying you all and thinking of you. Take care.