Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 322 - Apr 18, 2009

We had a very lazy day today. We went for a ride this afternoon to check out an area we hadn't been to yet and that's about it. We mostly just stayed home and vegged out today and I am hoping to do it again tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow is our last day of leave so it's back to the hospital on Monday for therapies. What a bummer. I really am happy we had help to get moved in and believe me - I am so happy that we got the house, but a week long break to do nothing would have been so wonderful. I really am just so exhausted (and I'm sure Kevin is too!). Oh well, maybe while we are in Texas. I really don't know what it's going to be like yet.

Speaking of Texas, we do have a video conference scheduled for Wed to find out all about our trip. I am looking forward to getting the details, for sure.

I have another meeting on the same day with the outpatient team. I am sure hoping that means we will be discharged this week. I can tell you that there is no way Kevin is going to want to stay in that hospital now that he has gotten a taste of his home. Frankly, I can't blame him either, lol!

And that about sums things up for today. I did put our new address in the right hand column the other day, but I don't think I mentioned it.

Oh - and before I forget - Jodi, you are right! The cookbook is totally awesome!! I don't know what I expected, but this really touched my heart. It was so nice to see all of the old friends and new that I feel I have made through this blog submitting recipes. It just amazes me how people can really come together for something like this. And I also have to admit that the cookbook did get my teary more than a few times. Thanks to all who submitted and thanks to all that worked hard at putting it together! BEAUTIFUL!!!


Anonymous said...

How did Bush Gardens go the other day?

Hoping I get my cookbook soon, can't wait to see it :)

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, Did you not get your cookbook yet? Please e mail me and let me know. I've sent out all that have submitted so far and we are getting low so I want to make sure this was one I sent. Thank you, Tracy A.Jack

Leslie said...

The cookbook is AWESOME!! All the copies I ordered were snapped up in one day!!