Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 309 - Apr 5, 2009

It's alive! My phone - it's alive!! I went to the phone store today to purchase a replacement and the guy there just asked to have a look at it. He fiddled with it for a while and got it to work! I was so excited!! I tell ya' - if he was 20 years older - I woulda married him, lol!

So we had a pretty good weekend. We went to a benefit for a little while yesterday, but Kevin couldn't handle the noise when the bands started playing so we had to leave.

We also went to see The Fast & the Furious, but Kevin got sick about an hour into it. Too much fast and too much furious for him. I was bummed to miss the ending, but that's just the way it is nowadays.

And I did finally tell Kevin last night about him losing half of his brain. He seems to understand and believe it or not - he took it all in stride. Matter of fact, he just kept saying "I am lucky" (doesn't sound anything like that, lol) and you could tell he felt invincible. I knew this conversation was coming and it was laying heavy in my heart (y'all know this), but I could just tell that it was about time.

I think the only thing I have left to tell him is about Andrew and James. I don't think he is ready for that information yet so I am going to hold off for a bit.

And tonight I got Kevin to scrapbook with me. We worked on a layout together, which was different for me, lol. I think he is so bored that desperation has set in, hehe.

And last, I know I have a bunch of questions that need answered, but I will try to get to them tomorrow night. I am just too tired tonight.


Janna said...

Praying for all of you daily. (I know there are many of us who do: ) Kevin isnt just lucky, he is still be here and to have such strong love from a great mom and sister. Keep on keepin' on!!

Vicki C said...

SO glad your phone is okay!!!

Long-time RN said...

Good to read about your phone! Did the rep at the store talk to you about backing up your phone info?

Your family is made of some mighty strong stuff! Continued prayers for you all.

Jan said...

" if he was 20 years older - I woulda married him"

You know, I find myself saying that A LOT. LOL

My daughter has gotten her phone wet a couple of times and we have had good luck in getting it back to normal. Glad things worked out for you too! I have to agree on telling Kevin about his friends. If he insists on knowing, that's one thing. Otherwise, put it off if you can, he has enough to deal with at this time.

Still a faithful reader even though I haven't any sage comments lately. ;)

Jodi said...

Hi Les,

Glad your phone is working! You feel lost without one, huh? :-)

I took my nieces and nephew to see Fast & Furious this weekend too. It was a good movie, but tell Kevin I was a little queasy with all the camera shots whipping around. he is not alone!

I am glad things went well with the talk about his brain. He is a tough AND smart kid, obviously.:-) And you are a lucky family to have each other. So much love and support. It's awesome!

How are YOU feeling????????

I hope you guys have a great day today!!

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength and comfort for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Kris said...

PHEW!!! The phone is ok!! YAY!! Just stopping in to let you all know that you're in my thoughts and my prayers every single day.

That's too funny about Kev scrapbooking with you - hopefully you get pics of that to show him, something tells me he'll be pissed there's evidence!! :-)

God bless you Leslie, Breezy & Kevin. There are thoughts, prayers, support and enormous loads of special Angel Hugs coming your way daily. And there always will be.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI