Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 324 - Apr 20, 2009

No more shots! Yep - I don't have to give Kevin any more shots because the doctor discontinued his blood thinner. YAY!!! Apparently it's not as necessary when you are up and moving around more. Let me tell ya - he was so excited to hear that!

We are also reducing his dose of pain medication because he only seems to be in pain when he yawns. We are taking it down by 2/3 and I am hoping it's enough. We may actually switch just to something like Tylenol instead, but I need to research the long term side effects of all of the over the counter meds first.

And I should tell you that Kevin was very upset to have to go back to the hospital today. He was not too happy and didn't do much in the way of therapy. I don't know if he was just depressed about being there or if he has some kind of little bug that is making him tired, but he has been sleeping a lot since yesterday. I guess I'll see what tomorrow brings.

I als checked out of The Fisher House today. I sure appreciate that that was available to us, but I hope I never have to go back to that type of environment ever again. I am just not into the whole communal living thing. I just require too much alone time, I guess.

And I am nearly done getting all of Kevin's things out of his hospital room too. I take a load down to the car every time I leave so that I don't have to kill myself doing it all at once. It's just amazing how much stuff a person can acquire over eleven months, isn't it?


Grant Grdunac said...

i talked to Evan a few weeks ago and he told me kevin has a phone and can answer yes or no questions, but we can still talk to him. is that true? if so can i have his number!!

Jessica said...

I don't blame Kevin for being upset about going to the hospital. Does he understand he won't have to stay there much longer? The less medication he has to take, the better.

It must feel so good to be able to get out of the Fisher house and into your own space. I can totally relate to the need for privacy!

You're all in my thoughts and prayers! I hope Kevin's feeling better soon and works at his therapy.