Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 316 - Apr 12, 2009

Whew! I am just plum tuckered out! My wonderful family and I have spent the last two days moving all of the furniture we had in my parents' place to ours, then moving my parents' stuff into their home and also moving the rest of the furniture that I had bought a while ago from a storage unit and getting it all moved into the house. Total chaos, truly! Now I just need to convince the Army to move all of our things from PA down and we will be all set. For some reason, they won't do it because Kevin hasn't been permanently stationed here?? Makes no sense to me - how much more permanent can you get?

Anyway, I need to get back to organizing so I will try to catch up tomorrow night. Hopefully I will find my camera cord too so that I can share pics that I took. I can tell you this - Kevin is ecstatic! He just keeps wheeling all over the house - back and forth. And this morning he got up, got a bowl, got his cereal and poured it into his bowl, got the milk from the fridge and poured it in his bowl, took it to the table, ate fully and then made me get up and unload the dishwasher so that he could put his dirty bowl into it. I am already seeing unbelievable signs of independence! Yay!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys have been busy!!! I am so glad that Kevin is ecstatic about your new place! :) That's so great to hear! Also about him making his own breakfast!
I hope your dad is doing good too.
Have a great week!
Kathy in IA

Alison said...

Great news on all fronts!! Hope everything continues to get sorted out and that you get the Army to send your stuff down ASAP!

Sending continued good thoughts your way for you guys and for your dad to heal up quick.

Miss Em said...

Dancing in the living room with arms in the VICTORY position.

The military will only move furniture when one is being re-assigned to a different post of service.
I know because when I was younger I drove an 18-wheeler that hauled only GI freight(household furniture/possessions. It was usually boxed up in wooden boxes.
Since Kevin is in medical care and has not been re-assigned to a new post [or re-tired] then they are right by saying they do not ship the items from Pa. to your location. Sorry to agree with them but having had the task of being used as part of the process I made certain I learned how it worked.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!

Jessica Bish

Jodi said...

YAY!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend and glad the move went well!
That is AWESOME about Kevin!!! Such a positive move invoked a positive response. Awesome!!
Hope your dad is feeling better.
Breezy, if you read this, please let us know how you are doing.

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Healing thoughts for Les' dad.
Strength for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Judy B said...

Such awesome news. Lovin the cereal story!!! Fantastic news!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a good, but exhausting weekend! I love to hear that Kevin is already gaining more independence being in the house. I've been thinking of you over the weekend and I'm so glad you're finally there.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.