Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 307 - Apr 3, 2009

Today was a different kind of day. First, Kev did VERY well in his therapy - at least PT and OT. He walked 600 feet today without a sit-down break. Amazing!

But, he wouldn't participate in speech because he was excited about getting leave the week after next and he assumed that meant we were going home to PA. When he found out we were staying here, he was very angry and went to bed. I know he wants to go home. So do I. But we just can't yet. Once we see if he can handle a medical flight, then the sky's the limit (haha - no pun intended!)

We also had Kevin ride a power chair out to the van to see if we could fit it in. It fit in, but he REALLY hates that chair. About the only time he smiled in it was when he figured out how to get it to the fastest speed and he popped a wheelie while outside. Man...I'm not sure I can handle that chair either. I will never be able to catch him, but it's necessary for outings that require a lot of walking. There is just no way I can push him long distances.

And...we fell today. He was showing off in the hallway and one of the nurses told him to run as a joke and he tried to. I had a hold of him and wasn't prepared for him to take off like that and down we both went. I was so scared. I cushioned him under me and made sure my hand went under his head so he didn't hit it on the floor (?? I guess I did that after months of having to be careful because he had no skull). He didn't get hurt at all and I just skinned my knee, but I am sure hoping it scared him enough to realize that he just can't do things like he used to. He didn't talk for about an hour afterward so maybe he was thinking about it.

And in our family meeting today I was told that I need to find an apartment very quickly so that Kevin can be discharged or he has to start staying at the hospital. He has only stayed at the hospital overnight I think twice in the last three weeks. I can guarantee that he won't stay there, so it looks like I need to find us a place to live and it has to be this weekend. I kinda have already started the process and it's just so frustrating because we should already be in our house. It's unfortunate that we went with a construction company that took 6 weeks to try to get a contract together and by then I set it in motion to find a new contractor because if it takes that long to put a piece of paper together can you imagine how long it would take to actually do the work?

So, now we have to spend tons of money on an apt and it's just not right. We may actually close on the house the week after next (have heard this many times before though) and we will be locked into a lease for at least 3 months. We just can't live with my parents though - this place is not big enough. I sure am frustrated that that contractor cost us thousands of dollars and a ton of work moving from here to the next apt and then to the house. It's just not right. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it, I guess.

And I finally got Kevin's taxes done tonight. I was worried about doing them myself due to his non-taxable combat pay, but it was pretty easy.

And now it's off to bed...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Honey girl...another hurdle to scrape over, but if your longs legs work fast enough to break and cushion Kevin's fall, no worries!! LOL
Gee...that stinks that you have to move, then move!!
So pleased Kevin with your therepy! Whooohooo!! Just please, don't give yer Mom a heart attack in that chair! Gotta stay in 'turtle drive' for awhile!
You are all in my prayers...God bless, and a good nite.

Holee said...

I was wondering how Kevin would take it when he relized home was not Pa. It seems to me, all that he knows is connected to the past, not the future.

What he knows of the present is the place you were staying & now the apartment. The house he is buying might only be to him the same as those other places. I would guess he will always think he is going to Pa. when he hears home.

It's ashame he isn't well enough to decide for himself where he wants to live. That day might come, he's doing pretty well and it's hasn't been a year.

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that Kevin was able to walk such a distance without sitting down.I am sure it was quite a scare when he attempted to run;good thing you were there.I can only imagine you and Breezy trying to keep up with Kevin in the power chair;buy some good track shoes and get ready to run !!!It has to be hard seeing Kevin so homesick but maybe once your parents are all settled in down there and you three have your own home then things will be better
for Kevin.Once he gets his house and can decorate his way,with his things then he will feel more at home.It will take some time but Florida will eventually feel like home to you guys.Maybe once you are all settled in then yours and Breezy's and Kevin's friends will be able to visit and enjoy sunny Florida with you all.

Jessica said...

Ugghhh, contractors can be the worst! They always take longer than they say and so many of them will charge you as much money as they can get away with. Good luck keeping things going with them and don't let them push you around. I don't know how much experience you have with contractors, but I've found you really have to be there every day making sure the work is getting done...or it won't!

Anyway, I'm glad that Kevin's therapy went well! That nurse must have not know what a daredevil she was talking to.

I'll be praying about the contractor and the apartment and that Kevin will be able to adapt to calling FL "home" for a while. Once you get in the house, and he realizes his grandparents are nearby, hopefully it will help the adjustment process.

Anonymous said...

for anyone that ordered cookbooks. THEY ARE HERE YEAH!! We are very pleased with them. If you ordered and paid I sent them out yesterday. For anyone that has a reserve as soon as we receive your payment we will ship them. So exciting. you must check out the recipe that Breezy has for her brother. It is a good one.LOL. Thank you for all who purchased a cookbook. Have a wonderful day. Tracy A. Jack