Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 245 - Jan 31, 2009

This is going to be a quick post tonight as I am just exhausted. I searched all day for homes with my wonderful realtors and have a couple of homes in mind. We are going to take Kevin to see two or three tomorrow and get his two cents since it is going to be his home, lol.

Other than that, we did have some visitors tonight. My friend Sherri L from work came with her husband and daughter. It was so nice seeing her! We are going to try to get together tomorrow night for dinner maybe. Depends on what time we get home from house searching. There is some kind of football game on tomorrow night that everyone seems to be interested in, haha.

And now I am going to end for tonight. I can't report much about Kev because I didn't see him all day. He is now soundly sleeping and I am still searching for homes. We need to contract tomorrow for Monday morning's bid offering.


Gina said...

Hi...I thought you might be interested in the following link -

I live in Arizona and I've been following your blog for awhile now. Imagine my surprise this morning when I was reading the paper and saw Kevin on the front page of the Super Bowl section.

I think it was a very good article and would love to send you the entire section. Also, I could probably get a few extra copies if you'd like them for family members elsewhere. Just let me know!

Leslie said...

Hey Leslie.

I have found this to work very well: make a mental list of all you and Kevin want and need and then rest on it. Don't give it another thought. Leave it up to God.

If He treats you with the generosity of spirit that He has treated me (particularly in house hunting for massive features with no money . . . lol!) you will have all you want and need (and more) with a price you will literally not believe.

Five times I have wanted expensive features and/or a ridiculously low price and five times I have found houses to buy and/or rent that are amazing. Everyone tells me that I'm "lucky" to have found "deals". But I know no one this lucky with this many deals over this many years.

My lists have incredibly picky specific things (private outdoor jacuzzi with great jets I don't have to maintain) but also general items (like a "bedroom I like"). I have fun with it. And then I don't worry about it. I'm happy to get my minimum needs met. And sometimes for a while I have to live in tiny cramped smelly places.

But from time to time I modify my lists and every time I need one, a house pops up with, say, a heated swimming pool (or swimming pool privileges) or beach access, tennis courts, or a jacuzzi, even free electricity and heat . . . you wouldn't believe all the things I've been given by God. I just asked and then I sat back and in an amazingly short period of time I was "lucky" enough to have received.

I'm very grateful for the earth's bounty. My gratefulness requires only that I tell people like you that it IS possible and that you and Kevin DO DESERVE to have all you want and need. And if the federal government lets you down, don't sweat it. There are higher forces at work in this world.

God Bless and Keep you. You are an amazing woman. Kevin has an amazing life ahead of him.

And try to rest. Please don't think you have to force everything to happen.

You are a powerful, loving, healing, creative spirit that knows no limits.

Love to you and your family,

another Leslie

The Rock said...

Superbowl Sunday !
Wow, Kevin made the front page of a Arizona Paper . Just amazing ! Nice of Gina to tell you about that. I so wanted Arizona to win !
( I am not even a Football Fan ) Kevin looks good in the new Chair all dressed up !
Stay strong and get some rest !

Anonymous said...

Way to go Steelers !!!
Tampa will be partying Pittsburgh style...iron city and black/gold.
I can only imagine Kevin watching tonights game,cheering,and waving that terrible towel.

kathye said...

Hello Leslie,
Just wanted to pass on another place to find clothes for Kevin. They are a little cheaper than the other brand, but supposed to be as good or better.


Keira said...

hope ya'll had fun cheering on our Black and Gold! Way to go Steelers! I think this one's for Kevin and all our other hometown heros!!