Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 243 - Jan 29, 2009

Kevin did phenomenal today. All day. He first went to the Mike and Mike show and had a great time. I am told that they did show Kev on tv and I know that they talked about Kevin saying he was the best Steelers fan out there, which is kinda cool! After the taping, the kids went to hobnob and they met all kinds of football players. Kevin was given a jersey and Mean Joe Green signed it right there for him. He was given another jersey from Holmes and he got more hats and a bunch of new signatures on his hats - including Jim Kelly's.

After that, the kids came home and Mike Ditka came again, along with Rocky Bleier. It was a big event here at the house and more than one person said that Kevin 'stole the show', lol. He was chanting "Steelers" and swinging his Terrible Towel. He got both Mike's and Rocky's signatures on the towel that Franco signed and he got a signed football too so it looks like we are gonna need a room in our house for SB paraphernalia alone, lol.

All in all, the kids did have a great day, but unfortunately - they didn't see one active Steeler's player. They had to come back here early to see Mike and Rocky so we are thinking the Steelers showed up later in the day at the media event. I know they are so disappointed about that, yet they are happy at who they did see and the experiences they had.

I don't have any pics of the media event because Breezy has her camera at home, but here are a couple from this afternoon. Gotta love the bling on the second one, huh?

Anyway, I don't know if there is a way to watch the Mike and Mike show online or not. Breezy was able to find an audio clip where they mention Kevin, but her email carrier holds emails for a while so I don't have access to it yet. I will post those pics and the link tomorrow night.

And to finish out the day, after all of this I figured Kev would want to go take a little rest, but no! He wanted to go eat. So we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was really nice. It's just nice to be able to go and do things with him, kwim? Normal things. I just need him to understand that we need to remain on a McDonald's budget and not all these expensive restaurants, lol.

Ok, off to bed for me...


Anonymous said...

They talked about Kevin and Breezy on KDKA at 5:15am. They told Kevin's story and how he got to meet Jim Kelly there. There were tears in my eyes as I drove down Rt 28 listening to them talk about Kevin. How sweet! How incredible! I hope someone gets you all Super Bowl tickets. I sent KDKA an email suggesting this. You all are SO deserving. Kevin can teach each of these men what a HERO REALLY IS..... GO STEELERS!

Sandy said...

Henry and I also heard them talking about Kevin and Breezy on KDKA. Larry said that Kevin was very excited to see Jimmy Kelly. It sounds like the kids had a great day. I'm sure they'll both be tired today. It really would be great if you could get tickets to the game. But even all the hoopla of the pregame has been fun for you all. Take care! GO STEELERS!

Kris said...

Awesome. Just awesome!!! What a day that must have been for Kevin - and for the football personalities. What an honor it must have been for THEM - they got to meet and shake hands with Kevin and our wounded warriors - they're the real American Heroes!!

Hope today is even better than yesterday. Kev's got to be beat! I was tired just reading about all of the action yesterday!! :-)

God bless and thoughts, prayers, support and loads and loads of angel hugs are always coming your way. Always!!

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Mel Birdwell said...

Got a copy of the clip with Kevin from the awesome folks at Army Public Affairs. I'm emailing it to you. So thrilled that Kevin and Breezy are getting to have some well deserved fun.

Jenny McElravy said...
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Jenny McElravy said...


Here is an article I found today. You probably already saw it, but just in case. Here it is:

In case the link doesn't show, look at the and search Kevin's name and you should find it. It is about Mike Ditka's visit yesterday.

Take care!

Jenny (Sara Forbes' sister)

Linda, Sligo PA said...

The company I work for has been doing special projects in helping troops and their families, and I hope you don't mind, but I told the nurse who heads these projects, about Kevin and she is very interested in doing something to help your family. She said to find out if there is anything in particular of any kind of special things you guys would need that we could do to help. I mentioned to her about your house project, and also about the Solumbra clothing that you think would be helpful for Kevin. If you could email me when you get time with your thoughts on this....I would appreciate it. my email address is:
Joni...the nurse..took a special interest in this because of you being in Clarion County where we live! She said she would love to be able to help out someone from our area. Let me know your thoughts in this...Maybe we could even fix up a "sunshine box" for him also if you could give us an idea of small things he would like or his interests and I will pass all the information on.

Jessica said...

Yay, I'm so glad Kevin's day went so well and that the players were so nice. I'm not surprised that Kevin "stole the show", his personality shines even through the internet!

Praying for continued progress and more good days!

Vicki C said...

Oh.. so good to come back and catch up with such a great blog post! Glad the kids had a great day!
I just got home from CHA last night.. so I have to get a minute to go back and read the posts I missed.