Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 228 - Jan 14, 2009

Today was mostly a good day. Kevin is becoming more aware of everything - it's almost like he is waking up. Today we were joking about his muscles and I said something about how most people lose theirs when they've been in the hospital so long and that he's lucky that after 8 months his are still quite soldier like. He was flabbergasted. His head whipped around and his eyes bugged out. When I reconfirmed that he had been in for almost 8 months, he tried to remember it, must not have been able to and started crying. He then started trying to find out as much as he could. I told him all about being in ICU Burns for 3 months and what he was like when we got here and then he asked who all came to visit and he even kept pointing at me and it took me a while to realize that he wanted to know how long I had been here and about my job and my apartment. It was a little bit scary for a few minutes, but then he became okay with everything.

He also is really trying to talk. Matter of fact, I handed him his wallet tonight and he responded "oh, thanks" without having to think about it. We are finding some of his words are becoming automatic and that can only mean good things.

All in all it really was a good day. He did 'shut down' for a little bit though. I think because he hasn't been sleeping very well lately. He only got about 4 hours of sleep last night and I think he was just tired today. We will see what tomorrow brings.

I guess I forgot to mention that Breezy is home now. She came back on Sunday (in the midst of all the turmoil). It sure is nice to have her back! And I am quite sure she was happy to leave the foot of snow that they got the day before, lol. She actually went in to be with Kev all day while I got down to business on the house and the mortgage and did all kinds of paperwork and also cooked a nice dinner for all of us. She brought Kevin down to the house this evening and we all ate and then he and I went back to the hospital. Breeze and I are going to try to take turns doing this so that we are getting a break. It should be easier now that he is more aware.

And before I go, I do just want to let everyone know that I am fine with what everybody did to help us out over the weekend. I do appreciate all of the advice and have filed the bulk of it to be used in the future. And I honestly do know that y'all just care about us and it's a nice feeling to have everyone jump right in to help. It's almost like having an extended family.

I also want to point out that if anyone asked any questions - please ask them again. I have so much email that is uncontrollable and I don't have time to sift through the advice for the questions. Please, please just ask again.


Alison said...

I am so glad that Kevin seems to be 'waking up' and that he's alert enough to understand the sense of time, now. That is DEFINITELY a great sign!

I hope he gets to sleeping better, and am glad Breezy is back to help out, too. So good that you guys had a pretty good day!!

Thoughts coming your way tonight!

Miss Em said...

Hi Leslie,

It is SssOooo G - O - O - D to hear that Kevin is really getting to know all that has been going on for the last 8 months.

I bet he was more than amazed that his mom was being his 'Pit-Bull' about his care. Snappen, Snarling, and occassionaly taking a bite out of those who weren't doing their jobs. Hope he truly understands how GREAT you really were and ARE.

BTW, HOW did he REACT to finding out that he was the owner of a 'Big Blue' m-van?

Glad to hear that Breezy is back. She is the breath of fresh air that you need just about now fore she is you in the mold.

It's good to hear that you now have some time to work on the house. Does Kevin know that he is buying a house with a pool? Good luck.

Miss Em
Austel, Ga.

Vicki C said...

I'm so happy Kevin is becoming more aware now. I suppose with that is going to come some of those "hard" questions also. I'm sorry for that. I'm glad Breezy is back. So yourself down a bit girl. Take care of yourself.

Kris said...

Sooooooooo happy it was another good day!!! And even better it seems that he's really making incredible progress!! He's not only wanting to do more, he really IS doing more and more with each day. AWESOME JOB KEVIN!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Man it must be hard beyond belief to have to fill him in about what has happened to him (and to you) in the past 8 months. And while I have never had the pleasure to meet y'all, it seems that it would be just like Kevin to be concerned about you and Breeze before being concerned about himself. It's so obvious and crystal clear, even from thousands of miles away and never so much as meeting that you have done an incredible job as a mom and have raised totally AMAZING kids Leslie. And, since we all know that apples don't fall far from the tree, that means that YOU'RE amazing too, Leslie!!

God bless you all. We continue to be out here praying for you and praying with you, and rejoicing with each step Kev makes. You guys really are amazing, you know. :-)

HUGS and hope that today is just as good for all of you. Welcome back Breeze!

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Anonymous said...

Great news all around about Kevin!
Is the CSF and shunt trouble truly solved now?

The Rock said...

Leslie, you had some stuff to deal with. I don't know if I could. It must be so frustrating for you and Kevin.
I am glad to hear that Kevin is coming around and alert. That is great.
God bless you and your Family

Long-time RN said...

Pretty darn good news after the last few days of upset.

Kevin has a lot of information to digest. Thoughts and prayers your way as Kevin adjusts to all he's told.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, How is Kevin's right side coming along? Dowes he have more movement yet?

Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear that Kevin had a decent day. It must be so strange not to remember what happened in the recent past. It's encouraging that he's trying to talk more, that will help him so much emotionally, I would think.

I'm glad Breezy is back and that you're able to get a break now and then. Plus, it's nice for you and Kevin to have her company.

I'm praying that the CSF problem is resolved soon. What is the verdict with another surgery and which doctor would perform it?

Take care of yourselves, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Grace said...

Hi Leslie,

I found your blog via DailyKos. I want to thank you for posting your daily joys and struggles; all of our lives are richer for knowing that there are people in the world like you, and for the opportunity to get to know and pray for such a brave, smart, witty young man and his family.

Just wanted to say that here's another person who is thinking about you every day, and sending positive vibes to you, Kevin and Breezy. I am amazed at how far he's come, and thrilled that he has made such leaps of awareness in the past couple days.

Peace and love,