Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 216 - Jan 2, 2009

We had another great day today. One of Kev's best friends, Ronnie, came to visit for the next four days and Kevin was really excited to see him. He was in a great mood again all day and I can only hope that this attitude keeps going.

We need it to because I was told today that if Kevin would have kept going like he had been a month or more ago he would already be walking. I sure have seen improvements in his standing up and I believe it's because he has to to get out bed now (one of the reasons I went to them the other day and told them not to fix the lift). So now we need to concentrate on walking and just the ability to stand up tall. I believe we will see an improvement on this once his head is fixed and he doesn't have all that extra weight on one side of his head.

And speaking of that - Kev's surgery is scheduled for Thursday - first case. I am guessing the flap arrived today and now we need to sterilize it. I am also guessing that there wasn't an operating room open until Thursday or we would probably go sooner. Kevin seems a little relieved to be getting this fixed, as I'm sure he is. I think we will really see a difference in his self-esteem and they say that mostly you see a difference in how well/fast they rehabilitate afterward.

Which also reminds me, a few of you have asked about what will happen if this surgery doesn't fix the problem. I have to admit that I have been concerned myself. They tell me that, for the most part, it usually fixes all problems because it's the norm to have your 'skull' there. However, it is not a definite. They are discussing changing the shunt to a low compliance one (meaning it will take less pressure on the brain to make it flow) while having him already under anesthesia (the shunt is on the opposite side of his head though so he will have incisions then on both sides). I did ask what they will do if this doesn't fix it and I am getting no answers. I am guessing that they just don't know yet.

One thing that we did discuss tonight was the fact that Kevin has tiny air bubbles in his CSF. To be honest - I never gave it a thought that there shouldn't be air bubbles around his brain. This is something that I am going to have to research I guess because the neurosurgeons don't have a clue why he has them.

Well, I need to get to bed. Tracy is also coming tomorrow (talk about a full house!) and I need to run to the airport in the morning.


Jodi said...

Hi Gang!

Sounds like everything is looking up and getting better by the day!
I am so glad you have so many people there to keep everyone's spirits up!

Surgery on Thursday? Well, please know that all of you will be in my thoughts and I hope everything goes well! I am so excited the time has finally arrived! YAY! Everything will work out, I know it will!! :-)

Here is to another great day today!

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength and comfort for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Anonymous said...

What great news...I hope all will go well and keep you in my prayers for Thursday!!!
Tina Dwyer, El Paso,TX

Long-time RN said...

Good to read Kevin has responded to the mom-intervention!

Keeping Kevin in prayer for healing and progress. Particularly for all to go smoothly Thursday and for the skill of his surgical team.

Jonathan Grucza aka Shady said...

Your still in my prayers daily.