Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 238 - Jan 24, 2009

I am pleased to say that Kevin slept all night last night - 11 hours to be exact. I can only imagine how wonderful it was for him to have uninterrupted sleep for the first time in nearly 8 months. I will admit that he wanted to go back to the hospital the first thing this morning, but I understand because to him - that's home. However, I stood firm and told him he had to stay and he is safely sleeping once again in my bed.

Hopefully - HOPEFULLY - I can get some sleep tonight though. I just couldn't last night. Fear, I guess. Stupidly, I kept checking to see if he was breathing??!! Like he's some kind of newborn or something...

But we had a good (and busy) day. First, we went to Citrus Park Mall and ate at the food court. We then came home and took a little half hour nap and then we went to the movies again, followed by a trip to Wal-mart and then we picked up dinner and came home to eat.

The thing that was most awesome was going to WM. Kevin bought himself a watch, some sunglasses, some toiletries and a bunch of junk food, lol. Matter of fact, here is a pic my sister took with her cellphone:

I was so excited too, because he never once got tired and turned into himself like he used to. He is just doing so incredibly awesome!

I am going to hit a few questions now and then try to get some sleep. Sharon - Breezy would love to tailgate with you! Please find Moe and get her phone number. I already asked Moe to try to find you because I am sure you are heading down soon. (Thanks, Moe! I love you!!)

And to Debbie and everyone else that mentioned the game - I don't see us being able to go. I know that there are no tickets available for anyone at the hospital and they are so not in our budget. Breezy is even willing to go by herself and I honestly did look them up to purchase her one, but I just can't justify it. We don't have jobs and money is just too tight - not to mention how expensive the tickets are. I do think Breeze will just end up sitting outside the stadium and partying with all the other Steelers fans that couldn't afford it, lol. And who knows...she may even know a bunch of them!

And I have to say - I thought about how typical the male and his remote pic was, but I was not brave enough to say it, lol!

And I am going to end with a request if you don't mind. Kevin was part of a youth group when he was younger and the youth minister was very good to Kevin when there was no male influence in his life. It turns out that the youth minister has a year old baby that has cancer and is having surgery (or may have had it) this week. Could everybody keep baby Jayna in their thoughts? And my heart goes out to you and yours, Pete.

And now I am going to leave y'all with a video that this youth group made. Kevin is in the dark brown shirt with the long black hair. Thanks Nicole, for letting me know about this:

Elisha and the Bears


xelaxel said...

That video so funny, youth and enthusiasm is obvious, which was far to imagine Kevin proof so great that life you had reserved.And in that picture he is very happy

Brenda said...

I loved the video..Thanks so much for sharing it..

Can I maybe suggest something, about Kevin's being with you and you worrying about there any way you could put a monitor in the room so you could listen and if he needed you he could holler ?

or you could just listen out for him..maybe ease your mind a bit ?

Anonymous said...

I received this in an e-mail and thought that it was fitting for Kevin which is=
'Twas the Night Before Tampa
'Twas the night before Tampa , when all through the town,
Steelerʼs fans were ready for the Cardinals to go down;
The flags and banners were all hung with care,
All Over Tampa, with the Steelers there;
The players were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Super Bowl danced in their heads;
With Tomlin in charge, I had a night cap,
And settled down for one more night's nap;
When down at Tampa there arose such a clatter,
Cardinals fans wondered just what was the matter;
For at the stadium there was a great flash,
Someone had entered with no ticket, not any cash;
The moon on the breast of the grass and the sand,
Gave the luster of mid-day to the man with a towel in his hand;
When what to their wondering eyes should appear,
Who this man was, it became quite clear;
The smoke from his cigar made the air gloomy,
But they knew in a moment that it was Art Rooney;
He held the team roster, the plan of attack,
Big Ben to Hines Ward or Fast Willie in the back;
He saw in the defense a curtain of steel,
If they can't sack Warner then nobody will;
Troy will cover the field, he'll be everywhere,
I'm telling you Cardinals, you better beware;
His long locks of hair will flow in the breeze,
He'll catch Curt's passes with the greatest of ease;
Mr. Rooney walked the sideline; he paced to and fro,
He wore white and gold from his head to his toe;
A terrible towel he held oh so tight,
As he looked to the heavens on that warm Tampa night;
Then the words that he spoke left all feeling quite numb,
Lord get us Home to Pittsburgh and one for my other thumb
And this one for Breezy
"70% of the earth is covered with water; the other 30% is covered by Troy Polamalu."
I hope that in Some way You, Kevin and breezy will have a way to the Superbowl but if not there is always TV. Hope you enjoyed the poems.
Here's another one to look at:

Patricia said...

Oh my goodness, the news of your last few days, with Kevin staying with you, and your successful outings, is all so wonderful! I think I am with everyone else, when I say I wish there was a way for Breezy to see the game. But, I am really glad she is going at least to tailgate. That is what my son David is doing!

As for the video, how great is that!! Plus, my added bonus, is that I have had all of those young men in my class!! It prompted many a great memory, of the antics those boys had, including Kevin!

Thank you for always sharing.

Many hugs, love and prayers. Always.

Pat said...

So glad you are having enjoyable times! You both deserve them soooo much! Thanks for sharing the video. I really think Kevin will be back to his old self one day!

Anonymous said...

are you and kevin going to make it to the herd reunion at daytona in july? here's the web site:

it's always a good time and there will be some of the guys from italy there.

contact jim bradley, there might be a special deal for wounded warriors.

Moe said...

Oh my gosh...That video is so funny! It was neat to see all the boys when they were young, Loved seeing the skateboarding hair again. Mathew laughed, and rememebered how much fun they had making that video.

Breezy and Sharon have each others numbers now, so they are all set.

Give the Kevin and Breezy a big hug and kiss from us. We miss you guys! Love You!

Jessica said...

How wonderful that Kevin's first night went so well! I'm not surprised, though, that you didn't get any sleep.

I love that photo of Kevin in his new sunglasses, he looks great! Maybe getting a good night's rest was just the thing he needed to increase his stamina. I'm so glad you all had such a super day!

As always, I'm praying for Kevin to continue to improve and gain more and more mobility. And that God would continue to give you the strength and stamina to deal with all the stuff that comes along with being his caregiver. I'll definitely say a prayer for baby Jayna, too.

Diana Bellman said...

Les, What great news-Kev staying with you for the night. I'm so glad everything went well. I understand your not being able to sleep but you'll get more relaxed the more nights he spends with you. And most definitely it is like having a newborn. I mean you have to be very cautious and careful so he doesn't fall out of bed or injure himself so your nervousness is justified. I loved the poem suzanne posted-most definitley right after Feb. 1 the Steelers will return to "Sixburgh" and the Cardinals will have a wingless flight back to Arizona. Loved the pic of Kevin and his shades-he looks really good in that pic. And the one where he is walking that one is awesome too. Now the one of him sleeping with the remote-typical guy thing. I see that in real life every night LOL. I truly hope all goes well with you guys and the great progress continues. I'm also glad you haven't been having any issues with the fluid. As many people have said to you before-one step backwards and two steps forward. Kevin's progress is truly an inspiration to all. Thinking of you all daily and praying for more good days for everyone. A big hello to Breezy and I hope there's a way she'll find a ticket to the Super Bowl. Love you all!

Evan W. said...

Well I have not had the internet for the past few months to keep up to date I usually ask mat or moe what is going on with kevin but I was told that the Elisha and the bears video was up on your blog and I had to check it out.
I totally forgot about it until now and Im glad somebody drug it out of hiding I had no idea it still exsisted, simply hilarious.
Hope your feeling well kevin.