Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 221 - Jan 7, 2009

Kevin was pretty quiet today. I think he is a little nervous about the surgery and I know he is very upset about having to go down to ICU. I don't remember how much I told you guys from when we were down there the last time, but at one point he was going to the bathroom and the nurse came in to give him meds. Because he was busy, he held up his hand telling her to give him a few minutes. She went out and told the doc that he wasn't ready and the docs went nuts and started making phone calls. Remember I said they were all mad because he didn't belong there? Well, at that moment they were screaming into the phone to someone that Kevin is not an ICU patient - he is a psychiatric patient because he is refusing his meds! They were so loud that Breezy and Kevin heard him and I can't imagine how it feels to hear someone talking about you and saying that you belong in the psych ward.

That whole ICU experience was horrible and when I told Kev we would be down there for the weekend he was so mad he wouldn't even talk to me or Tracy. He was fuming! I did my best to make him feel better about it, but no go.

But I think he is excited to have his head fixed too. He rubbed it each time someone came in to the room today as if to say 'see it now cause it's gone tomorrow'. I am anxious to see what he looks like too. It's been seven months of seeing the disfigurement and it's become natural to us.

And that pretty much sums up our day. He wasn't well enough to do much today either so we stayed at the hospital all day and just lounged. So I guess we just need to keep everything crossed for tomorrow and somehow I will let y'all know what happens. Look at the comments as that may be how it goes for a while anyway.

And if I may - please keep Andrew's Aunt Jodi in your thoughts too. She is having minor surgery tomorrow as well and she needs extra good health vibes sent her way also...Good Luck, Jodi!!!


LISA said...

Praying for nothing but good news tomorrow. Kevin deserves nothing but the best health possible.

We're with you all in spirit.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is in my prayers today and every day. Let me know if I can be there with you. I will be thier in mind tomorrow! Love tyou guys

Vicki C said...

Praying for a great day tomorrow!!!! Hugs!

SGT Morgan W said...

Prayers out for you all! (And that includes Jodi!)

Alison said...

I'm definitely praying for all of you and the the doctors that will be doing the surgery as well.

Tomorrow will be a great day and another big step in the recovery process. Kevin, you have hundreds of people pulling for you (tomorrow especially) so you just focus yourself and getting back up to fighting strength.

Will be checking periodically tomorrow for news. Hope Jodi's surgery goes well also.


Hugs and strength to you all.

Anonymous said...

everythings going to go great!

Long-time RN said...

Prayers for all of you and the medical staff.

Anonymous said...

Prayers to all of you (including Jodi). I will be thinking of you today!!!


Jess said...

Keeping Kev in my thoughts and prayers all day today. Looking forward to hearing from Moe to hear how the surgery went. Love ya!


Miss Em said...

Will light the Prayer Candles for Kevin and Andrew's Aunt Jodi.

With the Creator on their side all will be as he chooses for it to be.

Miss Em
Austel, Ga.

Anonymous said...

Many prayers for Kevin and family as well as Aunt Jodi. Good luck, everyone!

Liz, SA

sherri said...

I'll be thinking of you and Kevin and praying for you(Andrew's Aunt Jodi too)on this long awaited day.

Kris said...

Been thinking about Kevin and you all since I got up this morning. Loads of extra prayers are being said to anyone who will listen to me "up there" that all goes well, as planned and perfectly. Also saying prayers that the time in ICU goes by FAST.

God bless you all, especially today, and give you the extra strength, peace and comfort that you're going to need to get through this part of the journey.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Anonymous said...

Prayers today for the doctors to do an excellent job and for Kevin!! And Jodi too!

God bless,
SA from MD

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Kevin can finally get his surgery! My WARM, thoughts are with you and Kevin. I can't wait to see a photo of the smile on Kevin's face when he sees the results.

God speed.

Cathy M

Traci said...

Leslie I'm praying and thinking of you and Kevin today.