Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 241 - Jan 27, 2009

There really isn't all that much to say tonight, but I am going to give y'all a bunch of pictures.

The first one is from yesterday when the kids met the football players I mentioned. Forgive me if the names are wrong, but the players are Ike Hilliard (TB Buccaneers), Terrell Davis (Denver Broncos), Laurent Robinson (Atlanta Falcons) and Darrelle Revis (NY Jets).

The next two are of Kevin walking around the ward today. I am told he did it much faster today and he didn't even need a break this time (although he was WIPED OUT after completing the trip)

And this one is of of us eating our dinner outside tonight. It was a balmy 70+ degrees so we dined on the patio.

This next one if of my kids making faces at me:

And last - this one if of me at the beach yesterday with my sis, Kim. We weren't able to get one pic of us together. Bummer.

And that about sums it up for today. I am going to answer a few questions though...

Long Time RN - I did order a few items from Solumbra today and I did talk to them about designing some for the 'younger' set. They promised to take it to the manufacturer. Who knows. I am just glad Kevin is able to understand now that he will have to wear these clothes if he wants to go outside. I also showed the website to our doctors today and asked if the military or VA can supply them as they are necessary for at least the next 5 years. That would be awesome!

To anonymous - the CSF issue is resolved at this point. He will need plastic surgery - more than one too. The house is still up in the air. We agreed on a price, but are having trouble getting a mortgage for a 20 year old with no credit. I can't help because I don't have a 'real' job. Pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place. I admit that I am getting so disgusted and discouraged about it too.

I have also contacted many organizations for help and a few have said they would - and then never called me again. I believe at least one even posted here on the blog, but I guess the economy is just too bad right now.

We have also gotten a few personal donations and believe me - we appreciate it. All of the money is laying in the bank waiting for this to go through. Hopefully it will all work out. And soon. We are running out of time.

To anonymous about the 173rd reunion - it's just too early to tell as of yet. I would like to go, but we will see.

Brenda - you mentioned putting a monitor in Kevin's room to hear him if he wakes. I had to chuckle at that one. We live in a tiny little room - kinda like a hotel room. This means that he gets my bed and I get a rollaway next to it to make sure he doesn't fall out. I have to have everything ready so that I don't have to leave the room once we are alone.

Emily - neither Wed or Thurs will work for us. The kids are doing some football things and won't really be around. Can't tell you guys anymore than that yet though, lol. I will try to contact you tomorrow to see if Friday is ok for you.

And now I am going to watch tv on the computer, lol. I would do anything for a PVR so I didn't have to watch everything online...


Anonymous said...

From the pictures, it looks like the asymmetry in Kevin's head (I think you said it was about a 1" difference) isn't as noticeable. Has it started to resolve or is it just picture angles?

Brenda said...

lad I was able to make you chuckle..LOL

Jodi said...

Thank you so much for the pictures! They are AWESOME! I love the fact that Kevin walked around the ward! Brought tears and a huge smile to my face. You all look so great!

One question...why did the patients have to go to the football players? Why didn't the players walk around the ward to see the patients?

I hope you 3 have a great day today!

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Patricia said...

Hi Leslie, Brianna and Kevin ~ The pictures are so great!! Absolutely love all the smiles!! A balmy dinner on the patio, huh? well, I am sure you have heard, we had snow overnight and then it turned to ice rain, so we look to be stuck in Narnia this morning. The trees around my home, are dripping with tiny icicles, and there is a continue frost fog that lingers in every corner. The snow, once soft, crunches underfoot and the wet weather of winter gives me permission to just stay in side and read...so your pictures are a welcome escape!

May God continue to bless Kevin (WALKING!!!) and the purchase of your home.

Love, hugs and prayers...always.

Anonymous said...

If you get a chance check out Extreme Home Makeover online and click on A Better Community, There are some organiztions that may help be able to help you. You should also apply to Extreme Home Makeover and see what they can do. You may just get the help you need for the home your trying to get or maybe a better one. And keep up the good work all of you!!

Miss Em said...

Hi Leslie,

Danced around the living room when I saw the pic of Kevin walking. What an awesome sight!!
Fair warning to you, GET YOUR RUNNING SHOES READY!!! You are going to be chasing him down just like when he first started to walk as a toddler in just a week or two. LOL LOL LOL

Glad to hear that Kevin will be wearing solumbra. With this type of clothing, he won't look or feel like a snowman all bundled up on the 4th of July.

Good idea about asking the Military and VA supplying this type of clothing for the burned Military personnel who need it. This shows everyone how big your caring heart truly is for such a small person.

Nice to hear you are able to enjoy the warm weather enough to have dined on the patio. Here, it is Cold and Rainy. Will be happy when Spring comes at least the rain will be warm--maybe.

You looked relaxed in the pic of you at the beach. Good!! Time---to take a deep breath, to smile, to laugh, to be with friends, and to leave the difficulties behind for an hour, afternoon or even a day is always good. Gives your batteries a chance to re-charge and your mind a change of pace.

Will light a prayer candle to say Thank-you and to plead that more good things come Kevin's, yours, and Breezy's way.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Rich said...

Hey. Just a quick note to let you know I continue to think about you guys and keep track of what's happening. Thanks so much for your blog. Hope to see you again.


Long-time RN said...

Let me say that it's wonderful seeing photos with sunshine and nice weather. We Wisconsinites have had our fill of this winter, lol!

You move fast, Leslie! I'll keep an eye out in future Solumbra catalogs to see if they manufacture for the younger crowd.

It's wonderful seeing Kevin ambulating. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Prayers for Kevin and continued healing.

Anonymous said...

"HI"to all of you!Just AWESOME to see pics of Kevin walking!! I'm so glad to see all of you smiling.You need the breaks Leslie & it sure helps to keep you ,Breezy & Kevin on top of things. May God & the angels continue to bless you all!! I continue to keep you all in my prayers always. Take care we're here for you,Breezy & Kev.

Jessica said...

I'm a little jealous of the nice weather down there, as it has been snowing all day here in upstate NY!
It's wonderful to hear that the CSF thing is worked out. That was such a concern.
I'm disappointed that no organization has followed through to help Kevin with a house. I'll continue praying that something good will happen with that!
Thanks for sharing all the great photos. Take care and you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

How wonderful...Kevin got to see his inspirations!!! I bet Kevin was all of THEIR inspirations!!! Gotta love the celebrities/athletes who are so much like me and you, and who generously donate their time inspire others. It is so cool and so special!!!

Corky thinks the person in the pic with Franco is Eddie George. He previously played for the Tennessee Titans and now is on ESPN. How wonderful to see all of this. Is Breezy okay...did this space her out...I would have been on another planet!!! How cool is it to meet such great athletes??

Take care...we miss you!!

Kristen M.