Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 227 - Jan 13, 2009

Today I am not going to focus on the negatives. I will say that the young doc did come in today, but I have already taken steps to have him removed from our case.

I am, however, going to focus on what an awesome day Kevin has had. First, it appears that the shunt may be working. We did not have surgery and we are going to check the fluid buildup tomorrow before deciding on surgery for Thursday.

Kevin also was like a new person today - or should I say the Kevin of old. He was wide awake and alert all day. He did all of his therapies and laughed and carried on with everyone. He actively moved his leg and arm around repeatedly and grinned each time he did it. He asked for a drink of water instead of gatorade (all night too) - something he has not done since he was able to drink. I didn't even think he remembered there were other drinks out there, lol. He also has been trying to talk and say all kinds of new words. He pretty much was trying to repeat everything that everyone said today. He also - out of the blue - said "I love you" in a nice fluid tone - not forcing every word to come out.

He also woke up this morning and asked the nurse to put him in the shower chair (something he absolutely hates) and give him a shower. He also asked to get in his chair this afternoon and go to the house for dinner. He ate a huge plate of lasagna and half a loaf of french bread and then we watched the Spiderman movie that was sent to him for Christmas.

And I don't know if I ever mentioned that Kevin would mentally 'shut down' when too much was going on around him, but I can say that he did not do that even once today. Not once! I can't begin to tell you how often he would do that throughout the day. There is even a sign on his door that no more than two people can visit at a time because he couldn't handle it. But the more people that were in his room today - the more he showed off!

It was really an awesome day - and even Kevin realizes it!!


Brenda Armstrong said...

We must give all the praise to God and His wonderful blessings given to Kevin and to you Leslie!

You will still be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog, and I read every entry over the last couple of days. What an amazing mom you are for you son! I hope the next few days and weeks are more like today, and better than the last couple days have been for you.

You may have already heard about this, but I just wanted to make a quick recommendation of Bob Woodruff's story for reading material, and possibly a documentary to watch. It sounds like there are some parallels between what Bob went through, and Kevin, although Kevin does sound like he's got a more sever injury.

Here are some web sites where you can read about it (although you probably already have)

The web site for the foundation he started for TBI:

His memoir including his recovery:

I hope these help you find some comfort in your struggles.

And please tell Kevin that all of us in the USA are thankful for his service and sacrifice. We are a better country for having people like him to serve it.


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo happy for you both!!!! It sounds like you guys had a great day!!! I'm so glad Kevin was in such a good mood today! So many positive things happened too!!! I think you guys made all of our days today!
"HUGS" to you!
Kathy in Iowa

Aggie said...
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Aggie said...

So glad you and Kevin had a good day! Especially after the las few hectic day...

Vicki C said...

Oh so so so glad for a better day!

LISA said...

Thank you GOD for never leaving Kevin and Leslie and for showing signs that at least many good things appear to have come from the surgery..new things that we've not seen before.

Did I read correctly that Kevin has already left the hospital to go home to eat or possibly I read wrong ? If so, I'd be so careful of infection. I can only imagine he must be so fragile yet.

God is holding you all in the palm of His hands. Please tell Kevin to never lose his faith, for God has carried him on this long road.

WOW..saying "I love you"..what a gift to a well deserving Mother.

Praise our Lord above. I'm so glad things seem a bit better. What a difference a day makes.

Jodi said...

Two words....

I am so glad Kevin had a better day. That brings tears to my eyes and a HUGE smile to my face!

Kev said "I love you"...your heart must be filled with joy at hearing him say that. Wow, that is fantastic. Everyone should say those words a thousand times a day to the people they love...

Way to go Kev! Keep fighting kiddo. Please don't EVER give up! You have so many people that love you and are watching you succeed and accomplish getting better. You are an amazing young man.

Les, hang in there. You are so strong. Please stay that way...

When does Breezy get back??????

Here is to another great day tomorrow!!!

Strength, healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength and comfort for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Alison said...


This is such great news. I'm so glad that things seem to be looking up, now. Here's to hoping that they stay that way, and continue to get better.

Keep on showing off, Kevin. We want to see what you can do!

Long-time RN said...

Wonderful news! Hope the shunt continues functioning well and Keven experiences positive progress daily. Continued thoughts and prayers.

Miss Em said...

Well Leslie, I will say it now.

Look-out the next thing Kevin will want are the keys to 'Big Blue' the m-van.

Then it will be LOOK OUT TAMPA.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you guys have had a good day at last! I was beginning to despair - I am so happy to hear Kevin is eating and drinking and having fun again! Best wishes to you both,
Jenny in Australia

Kris said...

OH THANK GOD!!! What wonderful news. Talk about making my eyes "sweat"!!! Praying so hard for all of you - for the massive amounts of strength, peace and comfort that you need each day. You are all superhuman, I'm convinced!! :-)

God bless you Kevin, Leslie & Breezy. Here's to another wonderful day today. Keep up the GREAT work Kevin!!! Enormous hugs are being sent to you, all day every day!!

- Kris, Soldiers' Angel from RI

Anonymous said...

Wow talk about my heart jumping! What great news. Keep up the good work Kev and the possitive goals.
You are all in my thoughts.

ahiltz said...

Sounds like Kevin had a really great day! I am so glad to hear that! I am a lurker here and have been following Kevin's progress, as well as keeping your family in my prayers. I am from Michigan and wanted to let you know who this person is MI is, LOL. I found out about Kevin's injury from Willow Traders' message board. One of your kit club members (Linda) posted a prayer request for him back when this accident first happened and I have been following his progress ever since. Hang in there...you are doing a fabulous job and I really admire your strength and commitment to Kevin. He sure has the best Mom in the world! :) Big {{hugs}} to you, Kevin and Breezy!

Anonymous said...

YEAH KEVIN, see I told you the more you try the more it will come and the only way you'll fail is fail to try. I am so proud of you. And Leslie and I am so glad you had a good day, you are soooooo past due for a good day. I hope that more are on their way. Breezy, Kevin and Leslie, Miss you all and love ya so much. Have another and another wonderful day.
Tracy A. Jack

joyce said...

I am so glad you had a good day. What a gift.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I am so happy to hear Kevin is getting back to his "old" self. How is his right arm and leg doing? Is it getting any stronger? I hope each day will get even better than the one before. Michelle Long