Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 217 - Jan 3, 2009

We had another really good day today. We did try to take Kevin to the movies, but it didn't work out. We did pay and get our popcorn and sour gummi worms and we even got situated in the handicap area. But it was less than 2 minutes before he started to get ill. He wanted to move to the last row because we were just too close to the screen, but obviously that's not possible in a stadium style seating theater. So he and I left and we had everyone else stay and watch the movie and we just came back later to pick them up.

After that we went to the house to show my parents and Ronnie. Tracy had already seen it the first time around. The realtor met us there so we all got to go in and I am so happy that Kevin still loves it. Still keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

Other than that - it was just an all around busy day. We are tapping his head twice a day now; once in the morning and once at night and that takes quite a few minutes each time (nearly an hour - sometimes more). And with all the company - we are just BUSY!

And on that note - I am heading to bed.


Vicki C said...

Sorry you guys missed the movie..but so glad you have family and friends there with you.

LISA said...


I'm glad you finally get to see your parents and especially your Dad. You've expressed how much you've missed him.

Tracy is the best medicine anyone could have ordered. We all love Tracy and her smile, makes us all smile. : )

Praying for the surgery on Thursday. Twice a day now to drain the fluid is twice too much.

Kevin has gone way too long with this problem and feeling yucky.

The surgeons..hopefully feel and know how important this is to Kevin. May their skilled hands and their medical extra sharp as a tack that day, as I'm sure they are everyday...but still.

All we want is to see Kevin progress and get well.


God Bless you all and praying he does well with this. He's such an amazing young man.

STAY STRONG and pray..together as a family.

Trying2getskinny said...
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The Rock said...

Leslie, I am so glad that Kevin feels a little better. I guess he get's frustrated sometimes.I know, I would !
Glad to hear that Kevin's Friend came to see him.
Stay strong Leslie ! I can imagine how you are anticipating the Surgery, and you all will be in my Prayers .

Jessica said...

It's good to hear that Kevin is doing a little better and I'm glad that you're enjoying your time with your family.

I hope the twice a day tapping is working better for Kevin and that it doesn't hurt as much as it did at first. I'm praying that this Thursday's surgery does the trick!