Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 178 - Nov 25, 2008

Yesterday was a really rough day. Kevin actually had some sort of meltdown in the morning. Breezy had went in and said he was just in a foul mood since the time he had woken up. Nobody knows why, but he just kinda snapped and started screaming and crying. It was so bad that everyone came running. They had to take Breezy from the room and dope Kevin up to calm him down. I am not sure if it's part of the depression or if it's just one of those TBI (traumatic brain injury) things. Regardless, it freaked everyone out and Kevin is now on anti-depressants and seeing both a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

I can say that one of the things that Kevin is having trouble dealing with is the amount of pills he has to take every single day. We talked to the doc again this morning about it and we have eliminated 9 pills from his daily regimen. Every time I hand him the cup full of pills he got so upset - today he looked relieved to see less in there each time he was scheduled for pills.

One that I don't think is going to work though is the pain medication. We put him on a new kind that is a patch and I don't think it's working as well. We have had to give him additional pills every 4 hours all day. We were getting away from that the last couple of weeks or so. That's just something we have to discuss tomorrow, I guess.

And now I am going to end this post with some truly great news! Kevin began moving his right arm today!! He 'told' me that he has been doing it on the sly for days (or at least feeling it move) and during our happier moments of the day, he was really excited about it! I am going to take this as a good sign!!

Now I need to run to Wal-Mart to buy food for Thanksgiving. About 9 of us are getting together here for dinner and I am cooking. This is going to be my first thanksgiving away from my family so I hope I can handle it. We are all so close and it's hard to not be there. And I miss my dad. I have seen every other member of my family during the last 6 months, but not him. I sure wish we had a home already and could have everyone down for Christmas...


Holee said...

Fentanyl pain patch is dangerous. I do have to use it sometimes, but you have to be very careful that you don't allow it to get too much body heat, like laying on it. With heat you can overdose and even die.

You always need a booster pill with it, like vicodin. My drug plan will not cover it unless I am in the hospital where it's use can be controled. It needs to build up in your system.

Maybe Kevin see's his room mate now and can compare how he looks, moves and talks. He seemed to do much better when he was alone in the room and not aware of how things should be.

Vicki C said...

Sorry the day started out so rough. But thrilled Kevin is moving his arm.
Thinking of you this week.. knowing the holidays away are probably going to be tough. Sending you hugs.
Happy Thanksgiving friend!

Miss Em said...

Try not to worry to much about a melt down for Kevin.
He is remember so much that he is discovering just how much in now different and it's very upsetting for him.
Let him rant and rave for a bit it's part of the process of grief. And believe me he is grieving.

He is also MAD that he can't do all the things before the injury. His room-mate reminds him of that. But, he also needs that room-mate because he is helping Kevin get through the process. The room-mate is sharing laughter, tears, war-memories, and dreams. All VERY important.

Kevin remembers more than he can tell you and less than he can show you.

Hang TOUGH because it's far from being over yet.

C. Eliza said...

You're being so strong. Happy thanksgiving, and I'm praying for you and your family, giving thanks that Kevin is alive and continuing to make progress.

Anonymous said...

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. In so many ways, you have so much to be thankful yet it's coupled with memories of holidays in the past.

I don't recall - does Kevin have some type of communication board or book? I'm thinking it was tried in Texas but didn't work?

Re: the depression, others are probably exactly right - the more he heals, the more he realizes how hurt he is. Without the ability to form the words "Ain't this a
%^@#*#", he's probably just screaming which is something he can do. I know that doesn't make your life easier, but sometimes knowledge is power.

Again I wish you and your family of 9 well tomorrow.

Jodi said...

Hi Gang,

I am so sorry Kevin had such a rough day, but as everyone else stated, he is "going thru the greiving process" and may need that type of release. I know it doesn't make it easier on any of you, but may be a necessity. I just hope the bad days get fewer and farther between.

That is AWESOME news about Kevin's right arm!! Man, that is so great!

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and hopefully next year you will be with your real family next year. But this year, you will be with your "extended" family, so please have a great time.

Strength, peace, healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength, comfort and peace for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Love you guys!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Kevin had a bad day yesterday. I hope today is much better! That is wonderful news about his arm moving- I bet he is so excited! Do they do a lot of therapy on his arm or more for his legs? Or both?
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! :)
Take care,
Kathy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to one of the Craziest families from East Brady. My heart goes out to all of you.... and leave it to Kevin to keep a secret about being able to feel/move his right arm/hand, haha. All the best
Karl Vaughn

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving to you guys :) you are such an inspiration and give us all hope each and every day...I was just thinking about your whole financial/home situation and thought that it would be a great idea for you to apply to be on Extreme Makeover Home Edition! You are so amazing and strong and I think you guys would be perfect for this show. I would've put your name in myself, but that form is detailed and I don't know half the info they ask. Just a thought...God bless and love you all.

The Rock said...

OMG , that is good news about his right arm ! I am sorry he had a rough day. I guess it takes a while to know which Meds work for him.
Leslie , I know you will cook a great Turkey tomorrow !
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !
Have you ever heard of Homes for troops ? They have a Website , maybe you can get on their list ?
Soldiers Angel

Jessica said...

I'm glad that Kevin has mental health professionals seeing him through this scary process. It must be so frustrating for him not to be able to express his feelings through words. I'd snap, too! I hope his psychologist will come up with ways for him to cope with his limitations. He definitely needs some kind of outlet.

How did Kevin "tell" you he's been moving his arm secretly? Just curious. That's awesome that he can do it!

I'll be thinking of you and Breezy and Kevin tomorrow (Thanksgiving.) I hope you eat lots of good food and have some good laughs! Take care and God bless.