Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 154 - Nov 1, 2008 finally happened! Kevin said MOM today - yay!!!! Maritza was telling him he couldn't have any dinner until he said it and he just said it on the first try like he has been saying it all along. I think there were about 12 people in the kitchen and everyone just started clapping and dancing. Kev was so proud of himself!

He has just been making remarkable strides lately.

Today, he was also making his right leg move by using the leg muscles and partially using his left hip. This is the first step toward usage. It's his brain understanding that it can make it happen, it can make it work - even if it has to use any part to do it. It finally seems to realize that the leg is there. I wish y'all could have seen the look on his face too - he was just as surprised as everyone else.

And I am quite proud to announce that East Brady built a skate park and named it after Kevin. Here are a few pics:

Thank you very much to Jeff B. for taking these wonderful photos. I have been told that the kids are all loving it already and we can only hope that someday...someday...Kevin can skate again.

I will tell you that Kevin apparently was able to read the sign and got all excited. And he must have remembered the houses behind the park as he kept pointing to them. Photos seem to always jog his memory.

Well, I am going to cut this short today. I have to run Breezy home as she called me at 3am petrified and told me there were gunshots behind the hotel. Obviously, I went to get her and bring her here for the night. We were told they might have been fireworks, but who can say for sure. I know there were cops everywhere by the time I got over there. So anyway, I have to take her back to the hotel and pretend we are living in a safe community. Boy, have we been spoiled all these years...


Jessica said...

That's awesome! It must have felt great to hear him say mom again for the first time. And now that he knows that he really can move his leg, it must motivate him that much more.

What a great tribute to Kevin to have a skate park named after him. He deserves to be treated like the hero he is.

I'll keep Breezy's safety in my prayers. That's too bad she has to deal with that kind of thing. How scary! I wonder if a church nearby would have a family who would just let her stay in a room in their house? I don't have any Tampa contacts, but I bet somebody reading this blog does.

LISA said...


I am THRILLED Kevin said "Mom"....I'll bet there were plenty of tears in your eyes. The best word in the world and the best job ever...a Mother.

WOW..the skateboard park, I didn't know. Ask..or I should say "suggest" and you shall receive. ; )..Great news.

What an honor to Kevin. He WILL be back in East Brady at his park and with the progress he is making now, his friends will be waiting for him to lend a hand if needed. I'm sure knowing Kevin, his determination and strong will..will see him through anything. He has made such strides.

God Bless you all....praying, as always. : )

Vicki C said...

OHHHHHHHH.. just the perfect post to read to end my night on! I'm thrilled MOM is the word today!!!
And that skate park... WOW ... very very cool!

Diana Bellman said...

Les, How happy and excited you must have been to hear Kevin say "mom". All along Kevin has been a fighter and all of his progress just shows that. He has come along way since May and he will continue to prove to everyone how strong he is through all the progress yet to come. I'm so proud of him and of you/Breezy. It's your strength and courage that has helped him come this far. Don't ever doubt that. Without the love and caring that you 2 have showed him he wouldn't be where he is today. Be proud of yourselves too. Love you all!

The Rock said...

Wow, Kevin said " MOM " I am so excited for you Leslie !
You must be so elated ! I am so prouf of Kevin ! What a strong young man!
Congratulations on the skate Park !
That is so cool!


Megan said...

What a way to end a know that you heard him say, "Mom!" I got goosebumps; I am so happy for you.
Always thinking of you in EB!

armyparents said...

That is wonderful news and exciting news to hear that he said "Mom". We knew that it would be coming. He is such a miracle with all that he has been through.
Can't Breezy stay with you in the house? Please let her know we are all thinking of her as well.
Sending lots of prayers your way

Jodi said...

WOW!! Kevin said MOM!! I bet that was music to your ears!! That is so awesome!! And he made his right leg move! That is fantastic! So many accomplishments in the last few days! I bet you are just filled with joy!! I know I am after reading it all!
The skate park is fantastic! That is so wonderful they would name it after Kevin. I can't wait until he can go there and skate again some day!
I am so sorry Breezy had such a tramatic experience and I am sorry you two have to worry about her safety with everything else you are dealing with.

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength and safety for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Big hugs and all my love to all 3 of you!!!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi