Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 162 - Nov 9, 2008

We had a great day today. Finally! We got up and moving, but we were lazy and didn't go down to my house until about 4:30 or so. We stayed outside and played WAR (the card game) for quite some time. After that, we ordered dinner in and Kevin's appetite came back with full vengeance. He ate two orders of Shrimp Scampi, some steak, some chicken and bread and all the other sides we got. It was so nice to see.

After that, we just watched some tv and Skyped with my sister, Kim.

Because it was just a lazy day, I don't have much to say so I am going to just answer some questions from the comments:

First, Em - that's a great website. The only problem is that Kevin was part of OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan. He wasn't in Iraq. And for some reason, they don't have any OEF merchandise yet. I plan to email them and ask if they will eventually have OEF items in stock though. The merchandise is really great. Thanks for the link!

Brenda (and everyone else) - I do have to figure out how not to be mad when people are staring. I like the sign idea, but don't think Kevin will go for it. I just have to think of a nice 'passive agressive' remark, lol. Hopefully it will just come to me next time we are out (which is Friday - we are going to the movies if all goes well). I am typically not a nasty person so I am sure with time none of this will matter to me. I just hate the possibility of Kev feeling hurt that people are staring at him. After a while though - I'm sure neither one of us will care anymore.

Marianne Q - we would love some baked goods. Jodi sent us so many homemade cookies and brownies that we all gained major weight, lol. Not to mention all the Halloween candy everyone sent, hehe. Seriously though - I don't have the time to bake anymore so Kev will love it. And thanks for sharing "your Kevin's" sensitivities to the red dye. It felt good to know that I am not just grasping at straws insanely.

Brenda (again, lol) - you mentioned the gastroenterologist prescribing an antibiotic for your mom. Kev's gastroenterologist has done the same. His stomach doesn't always empty very quickly either (how could it though with all the food he eats, lol) and I thought they were nuts prescribing that, but they say it helps move along the digestive system. Go figure, eh?

That sums up everything for today. Gotta get to bed...


Long-time RN said...

Good to read ya'll had a great day!
You're probably correct, in time you'll ignore the stares. Also good to read the docs ordered a gastric stimulant. Pain meds slow things down and tend to constipate. Keeping Kevin and your family in prayers. You're doing a heck of a job!

Brenda said...

Hi hon,

It's me again..I know Kevin might not want a sign but what about a small military flag attached to his wheel chair or a US Flag with something like..

"I am a US Veteran on it".. I'll see what I can find and if not I can make something up for you.

I am so happy to hear how great Kevin is doing..Of course having you and Breezy there with him is making it that much better for all of you..

Hang in there hon..and just know were all just a holler away..and as always you all are in my thoughts and prayers..


Miss Em said...

Here is another suggestion for the stares. On that same site there is an area that you can make up a 'Ribbon Bar'. If you did not know, every medal has a small 'Ribbon Pin' that goes with it & is worn on the 'Class A' uniforms instead of the actuall 'Medal'.

Contact one of the Military Liaison there at the hospital and ask for his help in making up a 'Ribbon Pin Bar'. Let him know the reason[s] you want to make-up one of these is so you can pin it to his pillow when he goes out in order to let people know that your son, Kevin, is in this medical condition on their & this Country's behalf without having to confront them.
Before you do, ask Kevin if he has any objection to this idea. I know that some Soldiers are very sensative & some just don't like to brag & this is a form of bragging.
If he agrees, then go for it. I'm hoping that this will help with the difficulty besides it might open the door for some people to actually thank him and let him know that they will pray for his complete recovery espically those who are connected with the Military past, present, & future. Some people just want/need to know how they can help even if it's only to get humbly on bended knees.

With good thoughts & Prayers.
Miss Em

Melanie said...

Leslie - I actually wanted to comment about the stares... My mother was a polio survivor and had trouble walking. In later years she had to resort to a "go-cart" wheel-chair which actually was quite liberating for her. I remember as a child people staring at her and we were raised to NOT be rude. However, my youngest sister developed quite the appropriate and somewhat shaming answer. She would stare who ever was staring rudely up and down with one eyebrow lifted as if to say "what is wrong with this lout?" Most of the time that would bring people to a sense of embarrassment and they would stop. In today's world where there seems to be so little sense of shame I don't know that it would work but it might make you feel better which is all that counts!

Brenda said...


Me again...what airborne division did Kevin serve in ? I'm more use to the 101st..guess that's what I get for living in

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good lazy day for once :) more of those to come I hope. And about those chocolate chip cookies and goodies. Don't be eating them all without me LOL. Kevin if I'm not there who will hide the cookie crumbs from mom when she says no more and we maybe sneak a few :) more. But I still say it was the nurse that put them there and mom, we are sticking to our story;) Breezy you take over the investigation of the cookie crumbs until I return. Love you and miss you all. Tracy A. Jack

Kris said...

Hey there Kev, Leslie & Breezy,

Stopping by to say hey to you all, and to let you know that as always those thoughts and prayers are still (and always!) coming your way. SOOOOO happy to read that the days have been getting better, and that Kev is feeling better and eating up a storm! I love the pics from the last post - they are GREAT! Keep on flexin' those muscles Kev, they're going to be growing more and more every day!!

And as for those who stare, well, screw them. I'm positive that it's much easier to say that when you're not in such a position but I would guess that you just have to think that way as difficult as it is. It must be soooo hard to do, I just can't imagine. Another suggestion - there's always the "Italian Salute". Might not be politically correct but it does get the point across :-P

God bless you Kevin, Leslie & Breezy. May He shower upon you all of the strength, peace and comfort that you need each day and more. Big, giant Angel Hugs are always coming your way too!!

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Brenda said...

Guess who ??? LOL

As far as a about being just direct and say..

" My son was injured in the line of duty while serving his country. " and then just walk away.

Genny Davis said...

I want to thank you for posting everyday. I love to read how much progess he is making. It's the first thing I do every morning and I know the rest of my family reads every day as well. I am so happy you guys had a good day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope tomorrow is even better than today!

Jessica said...

I can't tell you how glad I am that Kevin finally had a good day! He's a fighter, that's for sure. I loved the pictures of him doing the bike and holding his beer stein!

It's sad that people stare so rudely. What if Kevin wore a shirt that said "Afghanistan Veteran" with an American flag, or something like that? I just found this website that might have something appropriate. They have stickers and shirts and buttons, etc, some say "Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran" and I found a couple with 173 Airborne insignia. Let me know which one(s) would work (if any) and I'll get it sent to Kevin.

Here's a button he could pin on his pillow:

Just some ideas! ;) I'm glad you made it to the mall. I think if people knew Kevin is a veteran, they would bend over backwards to help him. I'm continuing to pray for you, Kevin, and Breezy!

Marianne said...

Just now saw your response. Made some dark chocolate chip cookies today(I've shrink-wrapped some for you guys), and since there is no mail (or school) tomorrow, Kevin and I will have time to do some more baking for you. (I think he wants to write to you, too!)

~ Marianne

Anonymous said...

Suggestion on how to deal with the stares - Wearing one of the shirts that indicates that "Freedom isn't free" but changing the slogan to something similar to
"You have YOUR freedom because of soldiers like ME!"

Anonymous said...

Leslie, Just look the starers in the eye and say, "You should see the other guy!" And ignore them. It should work well. They will either laugh with you or put their nose in the air and hurry away! Guess which ones you could care less about knowing?