Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 75 - Aug 14, 2008

Yay! Kevin got to sit in the chair today!! At first they weren't going to do it, but I stayed strong, talked to the doctors and plead my case (yet again!). We left him in it for over an hour and I was so happy to see that he was even able to hold his head up for most of that time. And none of his numbers went up (heart rate, blood pressure, respirations etc) so he handled it really well!

And to top it all off - when we pulled Connect 4 in front of him, he picked up the first checker and went straight to the top to drop it down in the slot instead of into the hole like he did last night! It was almost like he thought about it all night and remembered! But - he couldn't actually get any to drop in because the checker would be off by a fraction of an inch so he eventually got frustrated and quit.

Phew! Frankly, all of this was just exhausting. It took 45 minutes to get him into the chair. He has to be unplugged from everything, transferred to the chair, situated just right, strapped in using 6 heavy straps and then all plugged back in. Let me tell ya - I will never take for granted the ease with which I can plop my butt into a chair!

And...because of the Connect 4 issue - my case worker contacted Tampa and hopefully tomorrow we will be accepted into the program. Once that's done - we start the paperwork on transporting him (and us) to Florida. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow's news! We are so ready to go...


LISA said...


Hooray !! I liked your line "I stayed strong" when you plead your case to the doctors...we need to get you a STAY STRONG bracelet from Lance Armstrong. You certainly deserve it.

Gosh don't we all take for granted each day when we get up and can put our feet on the floor, walk, talk, see and simply live. We take so much for granted and we should all be more thankful.

When my kids were little, they had a red and blue ball type game. It seems to me it was from Tupperware with a star, triangle, circle, etc. They had to try and get the shape inside of the ball by placing the shape where it belongs..i.e...the star into the star shape, etc. until each shape fell inside of this plastic type ball. You get them all inside, then open it, take out the shapes and start all over again. They were so little when they did this..but I think it would greatly benefit Kevin. They liked to do it too...nice bright colors !! We always said YAY when they were done. Praise is such a good thing.

You are one strong and amazing woman. It is day 75 and you have been with your boy forever. You must be so tired...but oh what determination you have. That's what it's going to take. He couldn't have asked for a better Mother if he had hand picked you.

Please tell Brianna we are praying for Alan and always for Kevin, you and Brianna.

Good night and sweet dreams of the beautiful palm trees that you will soon be seeing in Tampa. : )

I have a question..did you get my mail ? It was in a thick red envelope with silver sharpie marker address. It was a bit hard to read the envelope.

It sure was nice seeing pictures. If you have any free time or any more pictures..they sure would be nice to see. I think we all enjoyed the ones of you, Brianna and Kevin that you posted earlier. You all three look so happy.

Thank you again for sharing your days with all of us.


kim said...

Thank God for mother's intuition...
No one knows your child like you and because you are so strong -willed Kevin will continue to get
stronger each and every day.
Through your blog your family has taught us many lessons and we all
need to learn to be thankful and appreciate our families and everything we are able to do.Like
everyone else that reads your blog,I turn to you before I start my day.I laugh with you,I cry with you,and I pray for you.The three of you and everyone else at that hospital are in my prayers.
It won't be long now and Kevin will
be in Tampa and you will be with your sister.Breezey keep strong and
we will keep Alan in our prayers as he protects us.

Jeff said...

This is wonderful news, Kevin's time in the chair and the ability to place that checker are milestones for sure. Things are looking up. This was one of the best and most encouraging posts. Leslie you are a driving force in Kevin's life right now and what a wonderful driver you are for him. Your talking to the doctors and encouraging them to go ahead with Kevin's next steps in treatment and rehab are paying off big time and has made a big difference I'm sure.
Not only were there straps helping to keep Kevin in the chair, but alot of Silver Linings were around him also.
I can't wait to read tomorrow's news.
God bless,

Kris said...

Keeping my fingers, toes and anything else that crosses crossed that the ball can start to roll to Tampa!! What a great day, it must be so good for him mentally and physically to get the heck out of bed. Way to go Kev!! Wow the things we take for granted every day - sitting, keeping your head up... Puts everything in perspective.

Thoughts, prayers, support and loads of Angel Hugs are always on their way to you all!! Next stop - TAMPA...

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Anonymous said...

Les, I have everything crossed that I can fingers and toes and if I try hard enought maybe my eyes. Hope that all goes well. I bet just watching all of that was very hard and very tired(mentally). You are one strong young lady honey. You guys are in my prayers always. Love ya. Pam

Anonymous said...

OMG Leslie, how exciting! Fl. or Bust!

Think of you everyday! Miss you, Stefanie
Butler/East Brady PA

i. said...

Outstanding!!! I am so glad to hear of Kevin's continued progress. I'll be watching for news of your move to Tampa.

Keeping you all close in thought...


tbehr1018 said...

Tampa is the next step to coming home! Like Lisa said "STAY STRONG!"
Still praying and crossing fingers in Chicora.

Sue said...

That is great news Leslie!! There are a bunch of us down here in KY that the first thing we do, well maybe not the very first thing is read to blog to check out Kevin's progress. Hey you all are always in our thoughts and prayers!!

kim murphy said...

Leslie, Hooray for Kevin What a super day of progress for you all. Hoping you get to Tampa soon,then Kevin will really start moving along faster ,so happy for his willpower to try the game and keep at it for awhile before we know it he'll be on to bigger and harder challenges and I know with his wonderful Mom and Sister by his side he will be able to do lots. Hoping for a safe trip to Tampa for all of you. Stay strong the best is yet to come, GO Kevin!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! You are doing wonderful with Kevin! Isn't it amazing how strong God makes a mother! And the rewards of Kevin's progresses are showing because of your strength!
Breezy's sisterly love and strength is such an inspiration!
I know this blog and the comments give you hope and strength for this trying time, but your blog is also giving all of us that read it each day hope and strength and help us to appreciate the little things in each of our lives. And for that I thank you Leslie, for reminding me every day to stop and smell the roses and tell my children how much I love and appreciate them and to thankful for all that my life has to offer. My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly and I am so excited to read the progresses that Kevin is making every day! Kepp up the good work and keep your faith strong. God is working a miracle here!!!
Shari Allison Goodyear

Lu Ann said...


Sorry, it's been a while since I commented but I read your posts nearly every day and am always hoping and praying for good news.
Keep fighting for Kevin until he's able to fight for himself (and because your a mom you won't even stop then, I know). I can't wait to read that you've finally got the o k to move on, good things are going to happen for you guys down there, I just know it.
Stay strong and remember that there are many of us praying for you and your family each and every day.

Holee said...


Your welcome! When I read those links I got excited! Yep, only 25 beds, but in Johnstown! With your personality, if you think that's where Kev belongs in the future, I know he'll get a bed!

Sounds to me like over the past year the program worked so well that they decided to put the 2.5 million into it..and that's great!

Diana Bellman said...

AWESOMW NEWS LES! I'm so excited for you all and I will pray that your trip to Tampa will be very very soon! Love you all!

Susan Reeves said...

Dear Leslie and Breezy,
WOW! We are so happy for you all. God bless Kevin and his wonderful family!
Great times await all of you! Tampa, here you come! Thank you Kevin, and thank you to Alan. God bless you for keeping us safe.
Love, The Reeves Gang.

Patricia said...

Such wonderful news! My prayers and thoughts are constant. Lots of hugs, prayers and love. Always.

Catherine said...

I am so happy to hear that Leslie, I so hope you can get to Tampa and SOON to get started!! XOX, think of you often!

Jessica said...

Wonderful news! It must be good for his body to be upright again. You did a great job getting him to this point. If Kevin has even half your determination and persistence, he'll do well. ;)

Danielle said...

oh i am so happy things are looking up! you are in my thoughts and prayers as always

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I don't know anything about brain stimulation but I can't think it would hurt to try to find one of those velcro games.Ping pong ball with a target like darts or a tic tac toe game. I will try to see if I can find them. Take care and god bless progress!!!! Janice Hamburg