Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 1187 - Aug 30, 2011

The inspection went really well considering everything was done in halves today - I had half my makeup on, half the kitchen was swept and I was still in half my pajamas (shorts), lol. Luckily they were cool with it and were very understanding that we were just moving in too.

I spent the last 2 days with repairmen of all kinds. Obviously I am having water problems here too so the plumber was here working on that yesterday. We also had an electrician here, the garage door openers were installed, and my internet was down again so the cable guy was here for almost 4 hours trying to get it fixed.

And Kevin and I went and bought a grill over the weekend and it was delivered today and we had a nice cookout for dinner tonight. Johnny and Ness were here as was Breezy and Christian. Our little man got his first taste of asparagus tonight and LOVED IT! To end, here are some photos of him chowing down, as well as a bunch of other ones from the last couple of days.


Aunt Judy said...

What wonderful pictures. Glad everything went well. Don't work so hard it will all get done in its own time. At least that is what Howard tells me. Love you all.

Judy B said...

He is so cute...just adorable. I love that black and white of him standing and looking out the window!

bearlythr said...

What an absolutely gorgeous baby!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I'm glad inspection went well. Checked early this morning for your post and didn't see it. I was starting to worry about you! :) glad all is good!

thoughts and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Christian is sooo cute ! T.A.D.