Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 1184 - Aug 27, 2011

So Kevin and Efren went out last night while I went to work. One of Efren's friends is in a band and he called some of his friends and they all went to see them play. Kevin had a really great time! It is so great to have Kevin doing things that he would normally do, kwim?

Today Kev and I went shopping. His whole one wall in his bedroom is nothing but windows and we need curtains. He wants black ones though and they are just sold out everywhere! I have to do something soon though because his room is very bright and he just doesn't like that.

So anyway, I am scrapping tonight and going to sign off early. Please - anyone being affected by hurricane Irene - please stay safe! Bernice, Rene, Chalkie...and everyone else! You are all in my thoughts!!

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Anonymous said...

you could easily make curtains from black sheets - T.A.D.