Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 1162 - Aug 5, 2011

Today my friend Karen came to visit from PA, along with her husband, Mark, and their son, Jared. We picked them up at the airport this morning and then we kinda all went our separate ways come mid-afternoon.

Kevin and Efren went to the movies to see Captain America and I stayed home and worked. Efren wasn't here early enough (or long enough) for me to go out with Karen, but I didn't mind. I got a lot done today that I needed to do.

Karen and family went to Natural Bridge Caverns and then on to the Riverwalk. They are must sees, but Kevin just can't do it.

Right now Kevin and Jared are in there playing Wipe Out on the Kinect and they are having a blast. What a fun game!

We also have Christian here spending the night as Breezy's friend is leaving tomorrow and they all wanted to go out to a club tonight. He is just learning so much. He now opens his arms for you when he wants picked up and he plays with his bottle more than drinks it. He also is sitting so well, but he isn't 'really' crawling yet. He does get around though!

And now this girl is heading to bed. It is so early but my eyes are so tired.

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