Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 1164 - Aug 7, 2011

We didn't do too much today either. Karen and I went to Ross's and the boys went to Game Stop and bought a couple of Kinect games. Kevin is really working out playing on that thing and I am quite sure it will make such a difference to his therapies as it really is quite a workout. He is always soaked with sweat while playing.

Breezy and Christian then came over for dinner as we decided to make homemade Stromboli. Breezy's friend Morgan went back to PA yesterday - bummer! The girls had a great time though.

I got a phone call yesterday that Kevin has an appointment at the VA hospital tomorrow, but I don't have anything in my calendar. I have no clue where we are supposed to be and can only assume it's one of those appointments that is made without talking to anyone first. I emailed the doc and hopefully she emails me back and tells me where to take him. Strange, huh?

And that's pretty much it for today. We always try to relax on the weekends because the weekdays are just so hectic.

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