Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 1161 - Aug 4, 2011

We went to both speech and OT today. I am really thinking that we may have to change speech therapists and go outside the VA.

I was told that there was a meeting about Kevin yesterday and the speech therapist told the physical therapist that Kevin doesn't understand very much and that the PT needs to find a way around it. The PT told her that she didn't agree and the ST I guess was adamant that he doesn't know as much as we all think he does so the PT just gave up assuming that the ST knew more (even though he always understands everything the PT asks him to do).

Honestly, it just can't be this way and I just don't see this working out. She is now setting limits in his other therapies. I have tried for weeks to be cool with her 'inside the box, analytical type of thinking' and it's not how we need to be to help Kevin. Especially as he most certainly doesn't fit into any box that I know of.

So I just sent an email to his doctor and we'll go from there.

OT was good. We got a Bioness splint for his arm/hand (we jokingly call him Iron Man now as he has all these electronics hooked up to his body, lol). To my way of thinking this is our last ditch effort to get any use out of his upper limb. They are already worried that bone has grown and may need to be surgically removed from his fingers, wrist and elbow as he's been contracted for so long. It is just so hard to open his fist so I agree it's possible.

After that he and Johnnie just hung out for a while and then we putzed around the house. He ordered some movies from his wish list at and is into watching them. He is so addicted to that site (and the iTunes store), lol.

That's pretty much it for today so I guess I'll sign off.

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