Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 1182 - Aug 25, 2011

Today was a rather hectic day and I'm glad it's over with. We did hand in the keys and are now completely moved. Still have some unpacking to do, but I am determined to get it done because we will be moving everything from Florida in a few weeks.

I did have a meeting at work today and had to take Kevin as it was after the store closed and he did really well. He had all the girls laughing hysterically. He is just so darn funny - especially now as he's talking more.

So about the moving...I hired a moving company and they said they would come on Sunday evening. They were way late and when they finally arrived they had me sign the contract and they started putting things in the truck. From what I gather they thought they were done for the day when the previous job ended and were then dispatched to our home. So they were putting stuff on the truck and must have had a little chat because next thing I know they came in and said they weren't doing it. I told them yes they were because I already signed the contract. The problem? You don't get a copy of the contract until they put the 'end' time on it so I didn't have it. They proceeded to unload everything they packed and just kept arguing with us and lying and then Kevin got involved and then we called the cops and as soon as that happened they hurried up and got in the truck and tried to leave (turns out this company does no background checks and hires some not so upstanding people).

Well Kevin was so mad at what was going on that he was standing in the middle of the driveway so they couldn't get past him and both Chris and I had to physically move Kevin and let me tell you - it was not easy! I didn't trust these jerks and was worried they would try to run him down. It was such a mess!

Anyway, we had no choice but to sleep at the new house that night because the cable company was coming first thing in the morning so Chris and I loaded a mattress on top of the van and Kevin slept on it and I slept on the floor. No fridge, no furniture, nothing. Boy was I mad.

We did call another company the next day and they came and took care of it straight away with no problems though. Wish I'd called them first...

Tomorrow will be another very busy day. The garage door opener folks are coming in a few hours and then I have a few other appts and errands before working from 5pm to about 1am. I am going to skip writing because it will be pretty late by the time I get home and I'm sure I'll be beat.

Talk to y'all on Saturday night!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad you are moved into your new place. Kevin might have lost some mobility in the accident, but one thing he still has is humor. I think that's wonderful as humor goes a long way! :)
It doesn't sound like he is affraid of anything either. If he can go against the Afgan's to fight for our country, the moving guys were probably nothing to him. :)
I'm glad everything worked out in the end.
Take care,