Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 1175 - Aug 18, 2011

We are moving this weekend. After months and months of going back and forth - Kevin decided he wanted to live here in SA permanently. I agreed with him wanting to from the getgo, but there are factors that held me back from just letting him make that decision.

But a couple of months ago while out for a Sunday drive, we found the perfect house for sale outside of San Antonio (kinda out in the country) in a small town called Boerne (sounds like Bernie). I admit that I didn't take any of the things the doctor said a couple of years ago into consideration this time. This house is much smaller - only 3 bedrooms and I didn't worry about ramps and things like that. I did see the docs point back then as Kevin was nowhere near able to handle things like he can now, but he really is doing well at this time so we are just going to go for it and change things if we ever have to.

So the house is on the market in Florida and today we closed on the new house here. I think this is a good move for us as we are both getting settled. Kevin has Jonnie and Efren and I have a job now and we are making new friends. We even just got invited to a Labor Day BBQ!

One super great thing is that the people in this neighborhood are all very 'close'. Tonight all the neighbors got together and met at a cafe for dinner. Kevin and I went and got to meet a bunch of people. I think we are going to fit in well here as everyone was so accepting of Kevin. He was even invited fishing by the man next door (whose wife is a speech therapist too)!

So yet another chapter in our lives has begun. I am feeling good about things lately and I think Kevin is starting to feel more positive as well. We will be going to FL in a few weeks and moving the rest of our things to TX too. It sure will be nice having ALL of our belongings in one state - something that hasn't happened since this all started!


Mary North Point said...

Yay! That gives me another reason to come a visit Texas again (I love that state).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a wonderful opportunity to settle in a neighborhood with such friendly people. You must be so excited. Every day when I read the blog I'm just amazed at the strides Kevin has made, and thankful that you are both getting the chance to experience new and positive things. Love to you and the kids from PA. Aunt Mona

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you are meeting more people and feel like you are fitting in well there! :)
I wish you all the best on the house there and also with selling the one in FL.
Have fun at the BBQ! It's just so exciting to read normal, every day things that are going on with your lives now.
I'm so glad that Kevin has met some really great people as well!
Good luck on the move this weekend!
Kathy in IA

Aunt Judy said...

Happy that all is going well and that maybe you might start having a somewhat normal life and that you are making friends there. I know you will be happy knowing you are near that grandbaby. Love to you all and we will pray things go well for you and your family in the future too!!

TTG Photos and Design said...

Congratulations to you and Kevin...I am glad to see that your life is starting to settle down and return a little bit back to normal!
Hugs from El Paso,

bearlythr said...

Yayyyyyy!! Welcome and big hugs from your neighbor in New Mexico : )

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so happy for you. I've had the thought many times as I've been reading that you both seem so happy in TX with Breezy and her family and all of the wonderful new people in your lives. It has seemed like "home" for a while, I'm so glad for you all that you've made it official! Congrats!

Lisa D in Cali

aggie said...

Yes, as others have said, so glad things are showing some normalcy for you! The new neighborhood sounds terrific ~ for both Kevin and YOU!

Donna Undercuffler said...

I am so happy to hear it! You get to see more of your precious grandson if you live in Texas and I'm sure that is very important to you.

Long-time RN said...

Congratulations! Seems like a natural progression particularly the baby close by. Wonderful reading of the new neighborhood and opportunities to interact with families. Best to you all with the move!

janet said...

That's wonderful for all of you!