Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 1065 - Apr 29,2011

Kevin went to the docs today and got all of his stitches removed. He looks fabulous! I don't think I ever mentioned that I tried REALLY hard to talk him out of this surgery. To me, it just wasn't necessary, but Kevin was determined. I can understand where he's coming from. I can't imagine going to work one day and waking up months later looking totally different - and not in a good way. But my standpoint is that any surgery is dangerous and I didn't want to risk it for something that wasn't life threatening.

But it's done and Kevin is very pleased, as am I. He made the right choice.

And tonight we went out to dinner with some of my friends from work. We had a blast, like always, with this group of people. Here is a photo of all of us:

And that's pretty much it for tonight. If you didn't read my post from earlier today (and you are a local), read it below this one. We are all getting together tomorrow night, going between the St Cloud and the Allstars. On that note, I won't be posting tomorrow night as we won't get home until late.

I sure hope all of Kevin's friends can come...


Pattie Matheson said...

I'm so happy for Kevin! And, it's really good to know how strong willed he is. The guy's gonna make it :)

Long-time RN said...

So good to hear this surgery has turned out so well.

Lookin' good you guys!