Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 1062 - Apr 26, 2011

I was right - I couldn't keep Kevin down any longer than yesterday. Today he was determined to go to Walmart to look at their movie section as new movies come out every Tuesday. Nothing good today though, but we did hit the mall for a while. He had a blast there - it's somewhere we just rarely go to.

So believe it or not - Kevin has not needed any pain meds at all. He took a pill yesterday before leaving the hospital to head off any pain, but that was it yesterday. He also took one dose of Tylenol today when he sneezed and it hurt. His belly and thigh areas aren't black and blue or sore from the liposuction and his eyes/head aren't black and blue from the injections either. He did end up pulling out a stitch that was just on the tip of his mouth when he was eating, but hopefully that's ok. Frankly, it's gonna have to be ok - it's gone, lol.

And that pretty much wraps up our day. I made him stick around the house the bulk of the day because he did just have surgery, but he didn't like it much at first. He realized I was right though when he got real sleepy on the way back to the house from the mall. Short trips, kiddo...


Luana said...

Hi, my name is Luana Schneider and I too am the mother of a seriously wounded soldier. We started our new lives on November 25, 2006. I had started a blog when he left for Iraq in October of 2006. It quickly became our update site to everyone back home. Please feel free to check it out and feel free to contact me in anyway. Thank you for your sons service and sacrifice as well as your own. I intimately know the sacrifices you have made and know you are thought of as a HERO as well.
Luana Schneider

Anonymous said...

So glad that your recovery has been going so well. Your mom could not have hoped for a better early Mother's Day gift. Keep the magic coming with your speedy recovery. You have come so far but I know that you have only just started to tell and show the medical community that your recovery is still moving forward and you are not going to slow down in that respect. Thank you for being such an inspration to sooo many people throughout the world!!!
Army Mom