Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 1057 - Apr 21, 2011

We had yet another busy day today. First we had an appointment at the doctor's that lasted about two hours or so and then we had to go to the hospital for blood work and an EKG. Unbelievably, they were able to get blood the very first time. I was amazed. I wonder if it's because he hasn't been in-patient for a few months and he hasn't had much blood taken. Maybe his body is recovering in this regard. Wouldn't that be great?

After we were done with all of our responsibilities, we grabbed some lunch and headed to Walmart. I foolishly forgot to pack Kevin's sweat pants that he will need after surgery. From what they said, the liposuction area is going to be pretty painful and he wants all the fat to be taken out of his belly. This means he won't really be able to wear jeans so sweats and pajama bottoms are in order.

Anyway, we picked those up, as well as some new pain meds. The anti-inflammatory that he has been taking all of these months that FINALLY alleviated all of his pain will not be able to be taken after tonight. I think it thins the blood too much. I am so hoping we don't go back to him needing medicated 13 times a day. I know it's only a short while, but still...

And after this, we went to East Brady and had dinner at the Allstars with Moe and her son's girlfriend, Brittany. We got to see a bunch of friends and we really had a great night. We did come back to Pittsburgh early though. I am just so tired and didn't want to drive an hour too late at night.

This sums up our day. I should mention that if I don't post a night or two, don't panic. The internet here is spotty at best. It took me almost an hour to get this page to load and so far it's not saving the drafts. If I can't get pages to load, there's nothing I can do. Just wanted to give y'all a heads up.

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bearlythr said...

Praying for a good outcome with the surgery.