Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 1040 - Apr 4, 2011

The meeting today went very well! This makes me so happy because we really both need this. He needs to bust his butt working at getting better in a more intense fashion and I really need and am enjoying the break.

I was so thankful that they were willing to work with me on our issues. I first discussed that Kevin seems to be in his room too much and they decided to spread his daily activities out more. He works hard throughout the day and is kept busy, but as soon as evening rolls around he just goes to his room and is alone all night long. This leads to depression for Kevin and goodness knows we don't want to go back to that.

So they are going to start doing "PT" a bit and go for a walk in the evenings. They are also going to do some speech therapy homework after dinner and play some games.

My second issue was that Kevin wasn't getting all of his therapies five days a week like we were told he would have. We decided to bump up speech to five days a week with an actual therapist, but we are going to stick with less time with both OT and PT therapists themselves and do more homework for a little while. He will be going to a pool and swimming now and taking more walks for PT. For OT he now has to try to eat at least 10 bites of food using his right hand at each meal. He also has to do chores with it - wipe the table and things like that. The therapist is also teaching him how to peel fruit and do more in the kitchen with just one hand.

I felt much better when I left there and although Kevin called me numerous times tonight, I think he felt better too.

Tomorrow night I will share with you guys the list of goals that ResCare put together with both my help and Kevin's. I would do it tonight, but it's upstairs in my purse right now and I am just too lazy to go get it.

Now I have to finish watching Dancing with the Stars. Really...isn't Hines Ward just the cutest thing? Y'all know I don't watch football, but he can really bust a move, lol! And to see all those terrible towels at that 'arena' was funny...


Anonymous said...

It's funny Leslie. I have NEVER watched that show, but I am this year since he is on. That smile is contagious! (sp) I am glad the meeting went well.
Love ya Sue Luce

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the speed at which problems are discussed and resolved in a private setting versus anything the government is involved in, isn't it. Glad to hear your day was a success. Go Hines! Steeler Nation will keep you dancin'
Aunt Mona

GrannieEv said...

Yay for the meeting! I never watch that Dancing show but meant to when Hines was on - of course, I'm a Ravens fan and hate the Steelers but that guy has the greatest smile!