Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 1048 - Apr 12, 2011

So the kitchen people were here about 7 hours today and it's almost done. They have to come back Friday to paint. The shower enclosure people came also and removed my shower, but nobody really knows why it's leaking. I guess they will come back on Friday too and put a new enclosure in thinking that might have been the problem. Who knows. I guess we'll see when I take a shower on Saturday if there is a ton of water in Kevin's bathroom again.

I didn't really talk to Kevin today. He called one time because he wanted chinese food and he couldn't say the name of the restaurant that he wanted. I am gathering that he and whoever was working with him today went to Panda Express because I didn't hear back from him. He really loves chinese food lately! I'm not complaining - it's much better for him than Subway.

And to end, here is a video of Christian trying his darndest to roll over. He's almost there, but not quite. He reminds me so much of Kevin when he was a baby - constantly on the move! (except Kevin started rolling over at 4 days old.)

As you can see, he gets soooo mad because he just can't do it. It's so cute, lol.

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