Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 1047 - Apr 11, 2011

I had a long skype session with Kevin today and we talked about how much he really needs to try to stay up at ResCare. He has decided to give it another week and then we will discuss it more while we are in Pittsburgh as we leave next Wednesday to go there for 3 weeks.

He does understand that they can really help him, but I guess there was a problem on Saturday. I had told them that often when Kevin doesn't want to do something you need to use whatever resources you have - bribery, guilt, whatever. Mostly he doesn't need anything like this, but there are times...

So I guess they were going bowling and Kevin didn't want to go. From what I am gathering they all come at him and tried too many things and it made him mad. He was feeling pressured. So he locked himself in the bathroom and flat out refused to go. He just didn't want to. Truthfully, there's nothing wrong with that either. Sometimes you just don't want to do something.

I think it's just difficult for them to know when to stop and when to keep pressing. Obviously I know because I have been with him the whole time, but they are struggling with it. I feel confident they will get it soon. I hope so anyway.

And today the plumber came and said that the bathroom issue wasn't a plumbing issue but a grout issue and he wouldn't touch it. Now tomorrow I have the kitchen folks coming as well as the shower enclosure people. Man...I sure hope they get it fixed. This is just ridiculous. I found a water leak in the third bathroom last night and I noticed that there are water stains around the vent in my bedroom.

Crazy, huh? And this is a brand new house!

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Long-time RN said...

It's quite a challenge figuring out when to push and when to step back. Good to read you and Kevin came to an agreement for the last week.

Sure hope the house issues are fixed soon. The workmanship must be really shoddy for a newer house to have all these problems.

Take care, Leslie.