Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 999 - Feb 22, 2011

Well...Kevin is firmly ensconced in the hospital. He packed enough stuff for a month long stay, which is hilarious in itself. He always has to take all of his things though - his challenge coins, more than one pair of sneakers (to match his outfits) and every electronic gadget he owns, lol.

We did go to an acupuncture appointment first and all went well with that.

And then we hightailed it over to the VA hospital. So far, so good. Kevin has only called me once and that was because he wanted to order a pizza and the night nurse didn't know how to pay for it with Kevin's debit card.

So, he will be kept busy while admitted. Lots of testing and therapies to see where he stands physically and cognitively. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

And we got approval to go into ResCare, with the knowledge that we will be going back and forth to Pittsburgh. Now we just need to see how quickly it's signed off on and how quickly ResCare can get him in. Who could be next week even! I just hope he likes it up there...


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful, about Rescare!
I am so happy for you all...

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I can't wait to hear how he does. Very exciting! :)
Take care,
Kathy in IA

Linda said...

That is all wonderful news!! God for both him and YOU! How are you handling him not yelling for you every little bit? That has to be a big change for you! It will be awful quiet around the place! But still, its wonderful he is getting this done!

karen said...

Wow! Let us know if you go stir crazy ... but I'm thinking you might take the first day or two to ... sleep?

Fantastic news!