Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 984 - Feb 7, 2011

Today we went over to the VA hospital to have a cast done of Kevin's right foot/leg so that a new brace can be made. They believe if his ankle is supported his knee won't hyper-extend any longer. I sure hope they're right.

In the interim they gave him a knee brace hoping that it will help until the new one is made. They are also discussing an electro-stimulation device that may help his nervous system remember what it needs to do, effectively reminding the muscles, et al. Truthfully, I believe they are planning to do the Bioness for both his arm and his leg. I have heard nothing but good things of this so I am excited about it.

We had tried it previously if you remember. It was a long time ago at the VA in Tampa, but the person testing it on Kevin turned it up too high and he screamed in agony. He would never try it again until now - another sign that he understands so much more these days.

We have also decided to wean Kevin off of the Lyrica and put him on another nerve pain medication that doesn't affect your weight so much. I sure hope that helps as Kevin is really putting the weight on and it needs to stop. He's gotten too heavy for me to lift if something happens and he falls.

And next week a few of us are taking a road trip to visit two transitional facilities in the area. There's CORE in Austin and ResCare Premier in San Marcos (both in TX). I will be leaving Kevin with my parents for the day while we go check them out as I don't want to take him to one that's a bad fit for him and he doesn't remain open to the need for it.

Of course I am quite nervous about it, but I do think it's pretty close to time for him to take that next step. We just have to get this leg business taken care of first and he is also going to be having more plastic surgery right quick.

I'm sure these places take time and lots of paperwork to get into so I think it's a good idea to scope them out now though. If anyone out there has firsthand knowledge of either of these places, I would love to hear about it.

And that's pretty much it for tonight so I'll catch y'all tomorrow...


Pattie said...

Wow! I didn't know Lyrica caused weight gain. No wonder I can't lose weight. Not sure I'm willing to give it up tho -- its so wonderful to actually sleep at night......

Cathy M said...

Would Kevin be staying at one of these transitional facilities if you enroll? I checked out CORE online and it sounds excellent.

Anonymous said...

kevin's $$$$ will then go to one of the facilites right ????
whatever happened to the house he bought w/ the needed pool?? is he ever going back there & where will you live ??? i thought i have been reading every day but, now i am confused = did i miss something here ? you have been doing a great job trying to see that your son gets the best care but try not to be so hard on your self = you are dealing with a lot of things other then kevin = hold your new wee grandson quietly = you will remember 'why' you are where you are = i know you are tired = who wouldn't be = but kevin has come sooooo far = some of your burdens will sadly end soon, but eventually i pray some peace will come your way ... perhaps in the smile of a child: small or big ... the best to all of you ~~~~


Jenna said...

Not sure if you are aware or if it will help, but the VA has a Caregiver site and support line... Www.caregiver.VA.org. Hopefully this will be of some benefit tonyou