Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 990 - Feb 13, 2011

I'm not really going to write much tonight, but I am going to post some photos from last night and today:

These first two are my sister and her kids:

This next bunch is of the family - all of the aunts uncles and if I'm not mistaken all but one of Kevin's cousins:

The next two are of Kevin with his grandmother:

And this last is of Moe and her family. They came down to the hotel and we all went to dinner tonight:

The service today was very moving. And Kevin did a fantastic job again. I'm glad we came - it did him a world of good and it was nice for me to see everyone again too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Leslie...

GrannieEv said...

I'm glad you and Kevin were able to be there. It's great that he did so well.

Judy Smock said...

Leslie, you are a remarkable woman!! We thank you for coming to Fred's funeral services. We are all proud of yours and Kevins accomplishments. I will (maybe not this week as I am so tired) get that cowboy picture of Breezy and Kevin to you. I emailed my address and phone numbers so if you need a place to stay in the DC area we are here for all of you. Thanks again for being the person you are! God has been so good to all of us. Love Aunt Judy