Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 995 - Feb 18, 2011

Today I went with the polytrauma doctor from the VA and our case-manager to the two transitional facilities that are between here and Austin.

The first one that we went to was ResCare Premiere in San Marcos. This place had a more homey feel as Kevin would start out living with two other guys in a duplex. He would learn how to pretty much be self-sufficient; from riding a shuttle to his doctor's appts by himself, to going to a restaurant and ordering his own food, to possibly paying his own bills, to cooking and everything in between.

This one is in a college town with lots of things to do for someone Kevin's age. It had an upbeat and energetic feel to it and as soon as they told me that the guys were going fishing this afternoon and then to Hooters for dinner - I knew Kevin would like it here, lol.

The second place was CORE in Austin and it was totally different than ResCare. This place was rustic with open fields and farm animals abundant. It was more structured and didn't focus on actual reintegration into society as much as the other place did. I felt this one more focused on therapies and schedules and it had a slight nursing home feel to it.

I can't say that I disliked CORE, but I don't think it's a good fit for Kevin. I do feel that someone different than Kevin could do very well there, but truly - ResCare just seems like a place he can have FUN at and that has to be what life is about as much as possible.

So as soon as I got home and mentioned Hooters to Kevin - he was in, lol. Yep - a typical 22 year old male. Truly, he is open to going now and when I mentioned that the guys went to a gym and worked out he pointed to himself as if to ask "Me too?". He seems excited about it and I just hope it stays that way. I so want him to go out and do things on his own. He does too. When I told him he would be taught to take the shuttle to BAMC all by himself his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He was beside himself in excitement.

So now it's up to funding to see how this will work with us running back and forth to Pittsburgh. We aren't sure if he can be admitted within the next couple of weeks or if we should wait until after the procedure in April as we will be gone for up to three weeks. We will know more about that next week when everyone get back to work on Tuesday.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Cathy M said...

Oh, I am SO hopeful that this will work out! This is the kind of facility that I envisioned someday for Kevin. Fingers AND toes crossed!!!

Lorraine said...

WOW sounds great can we only hope! I dont know how you keep everything going with all the appts he has, my hat is off to you. Keeping the fingers crossed and saying prayers that he is headed in the right direction. Keep it up Leslie you are doing an awesome job. Love ya, hope you get to enjoy some time with Moe. Lorraine.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope it works out!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!! :) That sounds perfect! I hope everything works out and he is able to go.
Everything crossed here!
Have a great weekend!
Kathy in IA

Miss Em said...

Good Luck is my hope for Kevin being accepted.

Candles lit, prayers being said with fingers and toes crossed.

Miss Em

Jessica said...

The ResCare place sounds great! Especially since there are young people around and things to do. I'm praying it will work out and so glad that Kevin is excited about it.

I hope you all have enjoyed having your parents there. I'm sure they've been doting on that adorable baby and will have a hard time leaving!

I'll also be praying about Kevin's surgery for his head. It's about time some positive things happen for him.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very positive for Kevin. Wow, I cannot believe how far Kevin has come and it really has been a short time, if you really think about how severe his injury was. I hope everything works out, too! Glad you're coming to Pittsburgh.
Keep us posted.
Thoughts and prayers,

Leslie said...

I am jazzed at the thought of Kevin being in a place like ResCare!! It sounds like he would do very well there!!! Life has got to be more than therapy and Drs appts. GO HOOTERS!!!!
{{{Hugs}}} (the other ) Leslie