Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 989 - Feb 12, 2011

Kevin had a great time today seeing all of his cousins, his grandma and his aunts and uncles. He remembered everybody that was close to him when he was young and he handled seeing Fred very well. He did get a little teary, but I was actually glad to see that.

And Kevin really did do fantastic all day. No over-stimulation at all. We got there at maybe 1:45 this afternoon and were there until a bit after 9pm tonight. He talked with everybody and hugged and shook hands all day long. I was quite proud of him. I just wish Breezy could have been here too, but the timing just didn't work for her and Christian.

So after we left, my sister and her family all came down to the hotel for a quick visit. It was nice seeing everyone and I'm glad she could make it down. I took some pics tonight, but I'll upload them in a couple of days.

Unfortunately - to everyone else - it's just not going to be possible to visit with anybody this trip. We will be at the funeral all day tomorrow and we leave Monday to go back home. It's hard being here and not being able to visit, but hopefully we'll be back over the summer sometime.


Mary said...

It was wonderful to see you and Kevin, I just wish it had been in happier circumstances. Kevin looks great, and you are so young-looking! How did you turn off the time clock? The kids, Budd and I were all impressed with you and Kev.

aggie said...

Leslie - thinking of Kevin, Breezy and you. Glad Kevin was able to make it up there, and that he did so well. Save travels....

Long-time RN said...

Wow, Kevin is amazing. Wonderful to read he coped so well with all that's involved with this trip. Kudos to Veteran's Airlift Command.

Jessica said...

Kevin and Breezy, please accept my sympathy on the loss of your grandfather. I'm so very sorry.

It's wonderful that Kevin was able to see so many relatives and handled everything without any trouble. I'm praying your flight goes well tomorrow and God Bless Veteran's Airlift Command. What an amazing gift.

Chanel said...

Leslie & Kevin -
It was so great to see you both; I just wish under different circumstances! It has been way too long. I am thrilled to see Kevin's progress and honestly mostly relieved to see his light, bubbly attitude! What a blessing. I hope to see you all soon and to one day see Breezy again meet Christian! (Kai's middle name is Christian so I'm a little partial :) )
Take care!
Much Love!